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The Rise of Randy

And back from the commercial, African singers sing what probably translates into English as, "Fang sucks, they suck so much. Horrible team. Just believe what we tell you." Fang returns to camp looking very defeated, thanks in part to Probst's little mental games. GC says the new Fang tribe isn't looking so great. With a weird tone in his voice, Ace says the immunity challenge was "so much fun. We were like legless chickens racing against sleek weasels. And losing badly along the way." Oh, Ace. Save the cheesy "Fang Sucks" comments for Probst.

GC has learned nothing from being picked last during the non-reward challenge and tells Ken he "sucked out there" while laughing at him. Meanwhile, I didn't see GC do much of anything during the challenge himself. At least Ken tried to block the goal. Or maybe he just couldn't move out of there. But still! Ken says he didn't understand how the raft worked and would spin in circles instead of move anywhere. Matty tells Jacquie she did a good job. She admits that defense isn't easy in water lacrosse. Although it wasn't like any of them actually tried to play defense, like, say, marking Randy to make sure he didn't get the ball with a close shot in front of an open goal. He scored all three goals and no one ever thought to mark him. Kelly has learned about as much as GC and says, "Shoulda coulda woulda. Over it!" GC tells us that after seeing Kelly's performance in the challenge, he's thinking it might be wise to keep Jacquie instead of her. You know, GC, if I were you, I wouldn't start making decisions on who to vote out based on poor immunity challenge performances. He says he's going to talk to the others, but he's sure they'll be okay with getting rid of Kelly. As am I.

GC, Crystal and Ken go for a walk. They all decide to keep Ace as long as possible and GC suggests voting Kelly out instead of Jacquie. "She kinda had a bad attitude about stuff," GC says. Well, if anyone is the expert on bad attitudes, it's probably GC. Ken and Crystal seem to agree that Kelly is going tonight. And then GC talks himself back out of it by remembering that Sugar will be joining their team, and she'll most likely have the hidden idol. They assume she gets along well with Ace and Jacquie, but hates Kelly just like everyone else in this game. Sugar, Jacquie and Ace will unite against them and have the immunity idol, while keeping Kelly around will give them a 5-2 advantage. GC tells us that he's afraid that Sugar will come onto their tribe with the idol, and then somehow that will make Sugar, Ace, and Jacquie the power in the Fang even though they'd still be a minority and you can only use the idol for one person. I really don't get what they're afraid of.

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