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The Rise of Randy

Matty strolls up, certain that the other three have come to the right decision to get rid of Kelly tonight. Nope! He's shocked, but Ken explains that they're worried that Sugar will share the idol with Ace or Jacquie when she comes onto the team, while he very much doubts she'd share it with the hated Kelly. Matty says he'll go with whatever they choose, but he doesn't understand why they aren't voting out their weakest link, saying the plan before the tribe switch was to vote out Susie for that same reason. Crystal says Susie didn't have the immunity idol. Sugar might. Matty shrugs and says he'll vote with them.

He then runs to tell Jacquie that the rest of Fang is going to vote her out despite his best efforts to convince them otherwise. He explains that they're worried about "what's-her-face" coming back with the idol, and of all the names to forget, how do you forget "Sugar"? She tried so hard to come onto this game with a cutesy acquired nickname and then you just crap all over it, Matty. Jacquie tells us that she knows everyone wants to vote her out, and she's "really, really nervous." Her plan? "We have to convince them that Kelly sucks!" she tells Matty. But they already know Kelly sucks. That's not the point. They're afraid Sugar will share her idol, because they think she could be smart enough to find it and yet not smart enough to keep it. They're actually not wrong, since Sugar probably would give the idol to Ace. I doubt she'd give it to Jacquie, though.

Jacquie immediately throws poor Matty under the bus by going to Ken and saying Matty told her they want to vote her out tonight. Ken is delighted that a blonde woman is talking to him, and admits that they're scared of Sugar's idol. Ken says it's not personal, but she's from Kota, so no one really knows her or feels like they can trust her. Jacquie asks why Kelly gets to be known and trusted, and Ken says she was ranked last in her tribe and the outsider, so she'll be much more eager to side with her new tribe mates. Ken says that he doesn't want to vote Jacquie out, but voting for Kelly instead won't matter, somehow. That's BS, because if Ken, Jacquie, Matty and Ace voted for Kelly, that would be it. "I wanna be with you guys," Jacquie says, trying to make a case for her own outsider status. She says Ace and Sugar are a team, and she's not on it. Ken tells us that after speaking with Jacquie, he'd rather keep her and vote out Kelly. Ken will side with whichever blonde speaks to him last, I think. He says he doesn't have any power in Fang, and Jacquie should talk to Crystal if she wants results.

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