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The Rise of Randy

With that, it's time to vote. Ace votes for Kelly, saying he's enjoying "returning the favor." Kelly votes for Jacquie, dropping her sour face to say, "Sorry." Jacquie votes for Kelly and spells her name wrong (for shame). We don't see GC's vote, but he says, "It probably would've been smarter to keep you." That could apply to anyone except GC, and he can't vote for himself, so it's useless. So! Who will it be? Will Fang listen to Probst and vote Kelly out, or did they actually put some thought into strategy with Sugar and the idol coming on board and take out Jacquie? I'm guessing it's Kelly tonight, since Probst's head did not explode when he went to tally the votes.

He returns with the urn. First vote: Jacquie. Second vote: Kelly. Third vote: Kelly. Jacquie starts to look hopeful while Kelly is pissed. And then there's a second vote for Jacquie, who makes the most pathetic worried sad face. Jacquie gets another vote, and Kelly starts to look very satisfied with herself. And then Jacquie gets a fourth vote and she is out. She's upset, and she should be. She didn't do anything wrong to get voted out. She did the strategy thing and she worked hard. She was just unlucky.

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