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The Rise of Randy

Matty has paid attention to Probst's words and suggest to Ken that they pick Bob. But Ken points out that Bob will stick with Ace and Jacquie. With that, he picks Kelly, saying he knows how it feels to be last picked and left out. "And she's hot," he adds. Probst calls this "the most surprising decision in ten days out here," all pissed off. I think it was one of the smartest. Surviving the tribe switch is all about keeping your original tribe as intact as possible and staying the majority alliance. Ken correctly deduced that Kelly was the least liked on her team and would be happy to switch to Fang and vote with them, putting him in an overwhelming 5-2 majority. She may not be the strongest, but that's not always the most important. With this kind of thinking, I'll bet Ken chooses the Princess character when he plays Super Mario Brothers 2. She's the weakest, but she can hover in the air for like 20 minutes, which is especially important for the ice levels.

With that, Susie picks Bob over Sugar. "Finally!" Probst says. Shut up, Probst. He's going to hate Fang worse than ever now, isn't he? Kelly has no choice but to pick "G-Sizzle," who seems happy to be in the tribe where he is in the majority alliance. He probably made out better than Randy, Susie, and Dan, who have gone from a majority alliance to the bottom of the barrel, and in a tribe with four already very aligned people. As for Sugar, she won't be joining either tribe -- yet. Instead, she's going to Exile "Island." Sugar cries out in despair. But it gets worse! She'll be at Exile until after the next Tribal Council, when she'll join whichever team has lost a member. He sends Sugar away, saying she'll be out there for a long time. Actually, this isn't such a bad thing for Sugar. She has the idol, so she can pick comfort and hang out on a hammock and eat fruit for a few days. But now everyone else will have to assume she has the idol after being out there for so long. Probst hands out the new buffs and that's it. No reward challenge.

First, we have to see the old Fangians at Kota, where they talk about how much better it is than their old camp because Kota is goodness and light. Dan says if Matty was here, "it'd be the perfect tribe." Yeah, and if Matty was there, you'd have even numbers, alliance-wise. Instead, it's three of you against four of Kota. Randy recognizes this and tells us that if Kota loses the next challenge, one of the ex-Fangians will most likely be the first voted out. Which he's fine with, saying he'll vote out whoever they tell him to unless it's himself. And if it is him, he'll burn the camp down. You know, just once, I'd like to actually see someone threaten to do that and follow through, instead of threatening to do it and chickening out or doing it accidentally. Susie says she thinks Bob is the worker bee at Kota, and Marcus, Charlie, and Corinne "really appreciate that," although not enough to rank Bob first in order of importance or to think of him as anything more than a necessary fifth wheel in their alliance they'll be happy to dump as soon as possible. Susie says she thinks that if she works hard like Bob, they'll choose to keep her over Randy. Ah, but if they've already got one person doing all the work for them, do they really need two?

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