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Tricky Turtle

Elsewhere in this ever-changing world in which we live in (thank you, Paul McCartney), Edgardo tells Alex that he thinks they should vote for Cassandra instead of Earl. His rationale is that Cassandra unites that team, and that without her, it would fall apart. The obvious stupidity of asking "Dreamz" to vote for Cassandra utterly escapes these guys, who decide they will indeed change the plan in that way, and they and Mookie decide they'll just let "Dreamz" know he's supposed to vote for the person he obviously likes the best in the entire tribe. Edgardo, speaking with the kind of unintentional irony that so often makes this show delightful, tells us that this is an "all or nothing move."

Over in the Earl-liance, Stacy is now devoting her conniving skills to helping out these guys. She's concerned that the Axis of Alex is trying to confuse them by sending "Dreamz" over to give bad information about the idol. She points out that the safe play, if the Axis of Alex thinks they're choosing between Mookie and Alex, is to vote off Edgardo. What's great about it is that they don't have to tell "Dreamz," so they can basically use it to test out whether "Dreamz" is full of it or not. The five of them -- Earl, Yau Man, Cassandra, Boo, and Stacy -- can vote off Edgardo, and "Dreamz" will vote for Mookie, and they can still win the vote. This is a very smart idea, and the Earl-liance warms to it immediately. In an interview, Earl describes the current state of things as "total chaos," but it's in fact kind of the opposite. It's a really well-thought-out strategy, to be honest. You can see in an interview how proud Earl is of the way a lot of this has progressed. What I like is that when he boasts about outmaneuvering the Axis of Alex, it's all "we": "We're smarter than that," not "I'm smarter than that." Earl would, I'm sure, be the first to tell you that the brains behind this particular final step were Stacy's. He doesn't need all the credit, and that's a real positive for him. "Dreamz" puts the final touches on by telling Alex that he knows it's Cassandra who's going, and that the Earl-liance isn't really talking to him. Heh. Alex is confident that the Earl-liance doesn't know about Mookie's idol, and "Dreamz" says that they certainly don't -- in fact, they're sure that nobody in the Axis of Alex has the idol. "You might be going home they think," "Dreamz" says. "So they think," Alex grins, and then he adds, "This is brilliant!" "Dreamz" smiles and nods. Brilliant, all right. Definitely good enough to thwart moose and squirrel!

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