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Tricky Turtle

Okay. So. Tribal council. Everybody gets seated, and Jeff brings in Rocky, Lisi, and Michelle from the jury. Michelle and Earl grin at each other, and the grins convey the entirety of the following conversation: "I got voted out!" "I know, dude, I'm sorry." "This sucks!" "I know, but wait until you see the shit that's about to go down. JUST WAIT." Jeff asks "Dreamz" if there was a "mad scramble" regarding immunity, and "Dreamz" happily reports that things were "chaotic." Edgardo says he doesn't even know who the majority is right now. Of course, he thinks he does. And he's wrong. Jeff reminds Yau Man that the only person with nothing to worry about is him. Yau Man agrees that this is his first trip to tribal council without his blood pressure and heart rate elevated. Heh. He adds, "That's a good thing for an old man." Everyone laughs. Jeff asks Yau Man about the effect of the different way the idol is played this season, and Yau Man says that you have to sort of guess whether somebody has it and will play it, because if you think somebody has it, you vote for somebody in his alliance instead. Yau Man is, of course, encouraging the Axis of Alex to believe that since they know Mookie has the idol, they're voting for Alex. These aren't the droids you're looking for! Yau Man also explains that you can defeat an army either by cutting off the head or taking the "soldiers."

Jeff asks Alex how much effect the idol has on his strategy. Alex says that he's logically going to assume that people who have been to Exile Island, like Earl, have the idol. Alex is being stupid here, because what he would like to do is induce Earl to play the idol and then vote for Cassandra. You don't induce Earl to play the idol by saying you think Earl has the idol. Alex says that this leaves two options: "avoid Earl," or "take out people in Earl's alliance." You'll notice that those are the same thing, and calling these two things out stresses to Earl that no matter what he thinks is happening, if he has the idol, there's no need to play it. Asked about the importance of the vote, "Dreamz" says that this vote will be "everything," and will "separate snakes and rats."

And now, it's time for voting. Alex votes. "Dreamz" votes for Mookie: "A strategic move; I'll still be friends." Boo votes. Cassandra votes. Edgardo votes for Cassandra: "Nothing against you, but better you than me. Let's see if this works." Yau Man votes. Earl votes. Mookie votes. Stacy votes.

When Jeff returns with the painstakingly tabulated votes, he says that this is the moment when anyone who wants to play the immunity idol would play it. Mookie grins at Alex. Yau Man and Earl look at Alex expectantly. Alex stands up and walks to Jeff, idol in hand. Earl smiles and nods. What makes this so brilliant is that at this moment, every single person sitting on the benches looks smug. Every single person thinks they have just pulled off a major coup, which means that there are about to be some very disappointed people. I think that Cassandra is grinning partly because she's really happy that "Dreamz" wasn't lying. So now Alex is immune. At this point, Joe R. was like, "Ohhhh, I hope they read all the ones for Cassandra first! I hope!" Jeff begins to read votes: Cassandra. Cassandra. Cassandra. Michelle is making an unhappy face on the jury, and Rocky is kind of turning out to be a fun juror, because he's watching, all, "The fuck?" Mookie and Alex grin at each other some more. Joe: "Now read the one for Mookie!" Jeff reads the one for Mookie. This should scare the pants off of Mookie and the rest of the Axis of Alex, because this already means that something is really wrong. But hey, there could be a stray vote, right? Boo or Stacy wasn't really in the loop?

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