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Tricky Turtle

And then...oh, goodness. I wanted to immediately send flowers to the camera guy who so carefully and lovingly captured the moment where Edgardo's name is read, and you can actually watch the instantaneous dissolution of his shit-eating grin. You can actually watch the immediate popping of his facial muscles into a stunned stare. Alex does more of a slow wilt, like, "wah-wah-waaaaaah." A miserable Mookie stares over at Alex, like he doesn't understand how this could have happened. Over on the jury, Rocky does this awesome thing where he reaches over and touches Michelle's knee while making this wonderfully cringing, totally amused "Yow! That one's gotta hurt!" face. Earl actually grins from ear to ear, nods, and starts stroking his beard. It is that good. Another vote for Edgardo, and the jig is so very up. Another one, so now it's a tie between Edgardo and Cassandra. My favorite shot is of Mookie's miserable face, with Earl visible behind him over Mookie's shoulder, resting his chin in his hand and smiling. Another for Edgardo, who turns and looks at "Dreamz," who in turn shakes his head like, "Gee, dude, I don't know." And the tenth person voted off is...Edgardo! Whee! Mookie actually sinks his head down in despair. Edgardo is snuffed. Alex eats a bug. When Edgardo is gone, Jeff rubs it in that Alex blew the idol when he didn't need it. Whoops! He announces that the idol will be hidden again, which I don't really dig, but whatever. Earl looks so happy that I don't even mind.

Next week: Mookie and Alex strive for relevance.

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