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Tricky Turtle

Alex has a new idea that will really, really make their alliance solid, and he's sure Mookie will love it: instead of Mookie keeping the idol, they'll all hand it around every day, apparently just for the communality of knowing that it's really shared. Predictably, Mookie gives this about ten seconds of thought before making an internal jerk-off motion and hanging on to the idol. When Alex's "this would really help our alliance" argument fails, Alex switches over to more of a guilt-based theory, under which Mookie shouldn't really get the idol since he just got lucky in finding it while all three of them were looking. Alex tells Mookie that it's "messed up" that he's saying he'll only share the idol on his own terms. I wonder where he was when it was explained that only one person can get the million dollars, because Alex seems to think you can get it as a group. Through this whole thing, you can kind of see Mookie being like, "Yeah, very compelling argument...but I'm going to say no? I think? And keep the idol for myself? Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do."

Still in night vision, Mookie has a little chat with "Dreamz" about Alex's theory that they should split the idol four ways by passing it around like the only cigarette at an eighth-grade dance. "Dreamz" is not hearing that. Mookie says that if they don't go along, then "the four horsemen's nothing," as Alex said. "Dreamz" thinks that in that case, he and Mookie can ditch Alex and Edgardo and just "recruit," but Mookie thinks that's crazy. Mookie insists that "Dreamz" has ruined everything by getting rid of Michelle instead of Stacy. "Dreamz" tries to explain his vote in an interview, saying that when Michelle said at the last tribal council that she didn't really know him, that made him realize that he didn't know her, either. So because she might have been hostile to him, he chose to vote her off instead of Stacy, whom he knows is hostile to him. It's a perfect example of how people on this show always have such a bias in favor of sticking with their current plan, and they never accurately gauge and account for the risks inherent in doing nothing. "Dreamz" sees taking out Stacy as action and taking out Michelle as doing nothing, and he's totally not measuring properly what the risks are of going along. Because the current plan, just as explained last week, is obviously for Alex, Edgardo, and Stacy to cut Mookie and "Dreamz" loose when we get to F5. Knowing this, Mookie assures "Dreamz" that "Dreamz" has screwed them both, big time.

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