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Tricky Turtle

Credits. Bat! Bats are having a big year. It's the Bataissance.

Bula Bula, Day 25. As we move into the last two weeks, we're finally looking like Survivor here, with some flies sitting on people's faces while they're sleeping and so forth. Mookie is snoozing. Earl, on the other hand, is awake and thinking. He's probably sad, because with Michelle gone, there's nobody here to have the morning meeting! Aw. Earl looks over at Stacy and Boo, who are also awake, and then he interviews that although he was hoping Michelle would somehow make it, she didn't. This did a major number on his plans, so he's very unhappy. Surprisingly, Boo has a plan to share with Earl. I give Boo a lot of credit for recognizing that Michelle was with the Earl-liance, and now she's gone, so there's an opening. He really wasn't affiliated with either group as of last week, so this is a smart move for him. He tells Earl that they could make a five-some of Earl, Yau Man, Cassandra, Boo, and "Dreamz." "The rest of them, they all backstabbers," Boo reasons. Earl thinks about this and indicates that he's amenable to it, provided they get rid of Alex first. Boo cautions Earl that for some weird reason, "Dreamz" seems to like Alex, so Boo isn't sure that "Dreamz" will want to take Alex out first. Earl: "When Boo and I had our man-to-man talk and looked each other in the eye, and he said he's with me...I still didn't buy it." Heh. Earl thinks this is purely Boo "trying to save his own neck." That wouldn't seem to me like a particular indication that Boo isn't telling the truth, though, since own-neck-saving is pretty much what they're all doing, but Earl hasn't steered me wrong yet.

Earl and Boo go back to camp, and as everyone hangs around, Earl tells us that the core of his group is himself, Yau Man, and Cassandra, because he trusts them totally. He considers "Dreamz" a "wild card," and he's not sure whether to trust Mookie either. Earl says that it's like a chess game where you've already lost some "really good pieces," and now it gets tougher. As he says this, we cut to a shot of Earl standing, godlike, at the top of what looks like a big rock formation. He's got his hands on his hips and one foot stepping up -- it's a full "king of the world" pose, and it turns into a sweeping helicopter shot, and I cannot imagine how long that took to set up or how they explained to Earl what they wanted. "Stand here and look kind of like manifest destiny"? "I am still here," he voices over. Indeed, Earl, you are.

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