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Tricky Turtle

We come back to Bula Bula on Day 27. Day 27? I think we missed a day somewhere, because Mookie got to Exile Island on Day 25. I wonder if they didn't pick up Cassandra and friends for their overnight until the next night? Hm. "Dreamz" has decided to tell Alex that the group is planning to vote for him in tomorrow's tribal council. Alex brings up the prospect of using the immunity idol, and "Dreamz" reminds Alex that he'd have to persuade Mookie to give it up first. And "Dreamz" thinks that Mookie is going to be all Lord Of The Rings "my precious" about it (seriously, that's the allusion he uses). Earl comes up at this point, sort of shrugging that he isn't trying to bust in on their private discussion, but they've taken the pot with them (ha!), and the tribe kind of needs the pot back. A little trick: when you want to sneak off and not be followed? Don't take the essential supplies with you, morons. And if you do, come back. Earl interviews that there's part of him that sees all the time "Dreamz" spends with Alex and wants to just get rid of him now, because it's too much of a mess.

Cassandra plays go-between a little, and she assures "Dreamz" that it's not that Earl doubts him, exactly, even though it is that, exactly. Earl walks up, and the three of them start to talk. Basically, Earl's like, "Dude, I heard the conversation with Alex, because I was standing right there." And "Dreamz" still keeps it up about how he doesn't like it that Earl is "doubting" him. I think "Dreamz" needs to stop being a quadruple-agent if it hurts his feelings not to be trusted. Earl tells "Dreamz" that he needs to listen a little bit more and flap his yap a little bit less. But then "Dreamz" busts out this gem: "Mookie's got an immunity idol." Earl blanches. The absolute best part is where Earl kind of isn't sure Mookie really has it, and "Dreamz" insists that he's seen it. "What's it look like?" Earl asks, by way of a test. "It's a turtle," "Dreamz" responds, which is awesome, because it's just what he would say if he were off his nut. So Earl, who apparently hasn't seen Yau Man's idol, is like, "It's a turtle?" Which I love. He's all, "But that would be stupid and lame...oh, right." Earl voices over that "Dreamz" is trying to strategize on his own, which Earl thinks is hard to manage. I think Earl would argue that you have to pick some people to take into your confidence, or it's hard to be successful. As "Dreamz" continues to fill Earl in on everything, Earl kind of can't believe that Alex and Mookie are just sharing the immunity idol -- which, of course, they're not. Earl is right that nobody would do that. Yau Man sums this all up in an interview in which he says that it all makes him nervous, the idea that those three guys (Mookie, Alex, and Edgardo) all know where the idol is and they're all sort of using it in a group. "I have to rethink how this will play out," Yau Man says.

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