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New Scene #2! Zhan Hu, it turns out, got a little nutsy waiting for food, because in this clip, they're resorting to eating worms. Erik catches one and says that he'll certainly eat it. I believe it's Peih-Gee who tells him that if he's going to eat it, he should try to "squeeze the poo out." Wow. Having to de-poo your own food before you eat it is never good. Shrimp is probably as close as most of us ever get. Erik interviews that the search for plants to eat had been fruitless (hotcha!), and that they didn't have fire to boil rice, so worms it was. Peih-Gee also partakes, as Dave complains that watching her remove the poo is "TMI."'s too much information that worms have poo? Worms basically are poo, Dave, so...get with the program. Which is on Animal Planet. Peih-Gee interviews that this indeed required people to explore "their boundaries," but that she thinks they'll be glad they did, since you have to eat something, and that's what survival is about, kind of. She has a point. She confidently eats some worms in front of Dave, who's a huge baby about it. Ashley interviews that this entire thing is "gross" and "filthy." Sherea is surprised to find that eating the worm is not as bad as she feared. If you're not a fan of worms, it turns out that, over at Fei Long, they discovered frogs, which you can roast over the fire. Zhan Hu discovered what appear to be some very bitter leaves that nobody much enjoys eating, to the point where Jaime tells everyone she liked the worms better. Fei Long also seems to have found some root plants growing in the water that are edible -- plants that someone refers to as "sea celery." Those actually look like green onions more than anything. It would be interesting to know what that stuff actually is. It's destined for avant-garde menus, I'm sure. Along with, perhaps, worms that the chef lovingly de-poos prior to your arrival.

What's less pleasing to eat than the frogs, worms, and sea celery? Spoiled rice that Jean-Robert winds up eating after it appears there's some confusion about just how old it is. I'm sort of shocked that they were leaving leftovers of rice in the first place, let alone letting anything spoil. I mean, what are you, too full to eat it all? Give it to Courtney! She's clearly not! Jean-Robert and James also bicker over a clam and whether it's good to eat. They find some other fruits and rando items, and James tells everyone that J-R is the testing ground for new foods to see if they're poisonous. Hey, at least he's useful for something.

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