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At Zhan Hu, Jaime and Peih-Gee decided to throw the challenge. Aaron went home. And then there was a reward challenge, and James was kidnapped, and Todd hatched his brilliant plan to give James two immunity idols instead of keeping any for himself.

New Scene #10! Amanda and Todd try to "threaten" Frosti into really trying to win the challenge by telling him that if he doesn't, he'll be sent home. They're very proud of this and very "We blackmailed him!" about it, but...does anyone think Frosti was otherwise going to try to throw the challenge, knowing that he was a very, very likely victim of booting? That makes no sense. I don't know what Todd and Amanda are "blackmailing" Frosti into doing that he wasn't already going to do. He's not going to throw it to the other tribe so that his tribe winds up voting someone off. The entire point of the throw/win business, if they're worried about it, would be that he would try to help Zhan Hu lose and boot James, which means...helping Fei Long win. I think they're thinking themselves in a circle here, just a bit. It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

James tried to throw the challenge, but he couldn't, because of Denise and the balut. Sherea went home. James found the second immunity idol. Jaime was so stupid HA HA HA, blah blah blah James-promoting propaganda. Merge!

New Scene #11! It seems that the party from the merge went on into the night, and everybody got drunk and acted like stupid idiots, all of which was captured in night-vision, as it always is. Lots of drunk people discussing whether they're drunk, lots of drunk people discussing whether other people are drunk, Todd stumbling drunkenly into the bushes to pee, drunk people singing, James whining about everyone singing, Denise telling us she's too old for hangovers. Aren't we all.

Jaime went home.

New Scene #12! There's really nothing to this scene except the show's continuing, embarrassing, gruesomely cynical attempt to use James to cleanse years of casting sins and to ask him to carry the weight of rebutting years of criticism over the way it casts African-American men. (Earl, simply by being wonderful and smart and funny and wry and cool and decent and of course winning, apparently did not count, because as you may have recently heard from Jeff Probst, Earl was not compelling.) James goes on about how he just loves to provide for people, which is sort of baffling, because if you love doing it, you don't hold it over their heads and complain about it endlessly. I know people who legitimately love to provide for people -- they love to give other people things, help, love, food, gifts, time, attention, affection, whatever -- and they don't get in those people's faces all, "Without me, you'd be dead." It's kind of a rule of legitimately loving to provide for people that you can't simultaneously resent them.

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