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Immunity challenge, won by Courtney. J-R learned from Erik about James's idol, and J-R got booted after Todd couldn't stand to have someone else think of the same plan he already had. Seriously, it was that dumb.

New Scene #13! In case you needed any more proof that this entire thing is cooked to try to make you favor James, Jeff Probst comes right out and says -- totally falsely -- in a voice-over that when they got back from the ball-bouncing reward challenge, "Peih-Gee blamed James for losing the challenge." This, you will recall, is what she specifically didn't do. It's kind of amazing to me that they'd write a voice-over that is quite that blatant a fabrication.

In any event, any remaining doubt that James is a graceless asshole is washed away when Peih-Gee comes back and apologizes to him for taking out her frustration about the challenge on him by calling him out for his slack-ass performance. She doesn't do the usual reality-show apology, either, where it's "I'm sorry, but" or "I'm sorry, even though" or "I'm sorry if you misunderstood." She just straight-up says she apologizes for taking out her frustration on him and says she shouldn't have done it. And he's nothing but an absolute dick in response, refusing to accept her apology and continuing to insult her instead. When she says she's sorry, he says, "No you're not! Don't politic!" Peih-Gee doesn't lose her temper; she just tells James that she's genuinely sorry, and she understands that he can, of course, accept her apology or not. "No!" he says. "I really am sorry," she repeats quietly. "No you're not, you're really not," he says, even though she obviously is, and she said in her interviews exactly what she just said to him, which is that she shouldn't have taken out her frustration on him. "Please stop messing with me and go sit down somewhere," James orders imperiously. Peih-Gee tells him -- again, with remarkable calm, considering what a hectoring jerk he's being -- that she came to apologize, and not to fight with him more. He tells her that she DID TOO come to fight with him, which is sort of amusing in an "Argument Clinic" kind of way. When he tries to continue to make it ugly, she tells him that she understands if he's not in a mood where he wants to accept her apology, and that's fine: "I can understand that, okay? I know what kind of a person you are." He declares that her obviously sincere apology is "fluff," and that he hates "fluff." He is such a gigantic jerk in this sequence, it's kind of breathtaking. It's very rare to see someone who can't even squeak out a single grain of graciousness when someone offers an obviously sincere apology for a relatively minor dust-up in which both parties behaved badly. I mean, seriously..."I know what kind of a person you are"? It would be kind of funny if the show wasn't so determined to demonize her and lionize him. This is just...nasty and self-centered, and there's never going to be any nobility in it, no matter how hard Jeff Probst is trying.

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