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Do The Right Thing

It is STILL Day 7, and we're back at Foa Foa. Jaison, who doesn't appear to have moved from his bed in the shelter in days, tells the blondes that if Ben isn't voted out tonight then he'll quit the game. He interviews that he doesn't really intend to quit, but he hopes that if people think that then they'll vote Ben out to keep him in the game. FINALLY, he says that Ben's comments were racist and he will not tolerate being on a tribe with someone who says things like that. Even though he did tolerate it for long enough to vote Betsy out. Ashley isn't convinced that Ben's ultimatum will be enough, and promises to leave the other blonde her shoes and sweater if she's voted out. That's only going to motivate the blonde to get rid of you, Ashley. Who doesn't want extra shoes and a sweater? Jaison tells Ashley not to worry -- "I am trying to lead a crusade right now." It's the chillest and most easy-going crusade I've ever seen, but a crusade nonetheless!

Meanwhile, Li'l Russell has his own crusade to lead. He tells Mick and Liz that Ashley should go next. All Mick wants to know is if that opinion has the majority of the vote. Li'l Russell says it does -- him, Mick, Liz and Ben will all vote Ashley. So actually it only has Li'l Russell and Ben's votes. But Mick just says "all right" without apparently realizing that he doesn't have to vote the way Li'l Russell tells him to. Mick then shows some backbone after all when he interviews that while Li'l Russell and Liz are "adamant" about getting rid of Ashley next, he's loyal to Jaison, and Jaison wants to get rid of Ben. "You and me need to talk some," he says to Li'l Russell while Liz just stands there being totally useless.

And so, they talk. Li'l Russell says he likes Jaison, but "his mind's gettin' messed up." Really? A black man wanting to get rid of a racist in his tribe and being willing to speak out and risk his chance at a million dollars to do it has a "messed up" mind? Because I would have thought it was the opposite. "He really lets this stuff get to him," Mick says. Are those two for real? They really can't see why Jaison would have a serious problem with Ben? Idiots. But THANK YOU producers for giving Li'l Russell a bathing suit so we don't have to look at his saggy drawers anymore. Even if he does appear to be wearing JT's shorts from last season. Li'l Russell tells Mick that if he can promise that he won't vote for him, he'd be willing to "let Ben go next." And by "next," he means after Ashley. So that probably won't fly with Jaison. Li'l Russell interviews that he wanted Mick to trust him, so he showed him that he had the stupid immunity idol in order to gain it. He says this will give him another vote against Ashley instead of Ben and thus he is amazing at this game and it's what "God made me for." Why wouldn't God make someone to cure cancer first? So unfair.

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