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Do The Right Thing

Tribal Council! Foa Foa arrives and Shambo takes her seat in the observer section, where she'll sit with her mouth hanging open for the rest of the episode. Probst asks Jaison what Shambo was like at Foa Foa, giving him the opportunity to dive in immediately, saying she was great and he'd like to keep her and send Ben to Galu. We cut to Ashley, grinning away that Jaison is making good on his promise and she might just be safe tonight after all. Probst turns to Ben but does not address Jaison's comments, just asks him who he's planning to vote for tonight and why. Ben says Ashley because "she's the weakest link." Except that he's actually voting for her because 1. Li'l Russell told him to; 2. he thinks she stabbed him in the back or whatever; and 3. he hates women. Probst asks Ashley why it would "make sense" for Foa Foa to vote her out. What does he think she's going to say to that? Come on. Of course, she defends herself, saying she isn't the weakest person there, nor is she a negative force unlike some people Benbenben. Ben immediately gets defensive, saying that he doesn't "approach people with negativity" but he will react to them with it if they approach him with negativity. Meanwhile, he had nothing to say to Jaison when he said that Ben was negative. Ben likes to pick and choose his battles. And the ones he picks always seem to be against women. So Jaison has to speak up again and say that Ben is the one who yells at everyone in camp "constantly about everything." Ben asks for examples, which Jaison is happy to provide: Ashley, Marisa, and "one of our guests." All women. Also "anybody who asks you a question or tries to do something on their own, you constantly correct them and tell them they're doing it wrong." Guys, I'm going to have to try really hard not to just transcribe everything Jaison says word-for-word because it was just that awesome. He spent two days and all of his law school education thinking about and planning how this Tribal Council was going to go down and how he was going to dismantle Ben piece by piece and expose him as a racist, coward, bully and fool to millions of viewers.

Ben turns to the other blonde, who has the supreme misfortune of being seated in between Ben and Jaison, and asks her if what Jaison is saying about him is true. The blonde is her usual silent self on the matter, and Jaison says "amazing how you always try to go to someone that you think is weak. That's what bullies do. You yell at every single girl." Ben responds like a real adult here, imitating Jaison's whining after they lose challenges. But Jaison comes back with an even better imitation of Ben's performance in yesterday's challenge: "Oh my god, I'm an outlaw, I'm a renegade, but they splashed me in the face. I can't tackle anyone now! Sorry, I got splashed!" So awesome! Except that they keep cutting over to Li'l Russell for his reaction to this. Who gives a shit? Li'l Russell is not involved. And if you're going to show anyone's reaction, it needs to be Ashley, who has the biggest grin on her face.

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