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Probst asks the blonde how it feels to be stuck in between Ben and Jaison right now. She says she's just leaning back so as not to be inadvertently punched if the guys start physically fighting. Whatever, she is useless. Probst turns to Li'l Russell instead, asking him to "explain" why Ben and Jaison are at such odds tonight. Why not ask the group leader, Mick, Probst? I mean, since that role is supposed to be so important and all. You could at least try to hide the fact that you're in love with Li'l Russell and think he's going to save your show. To his credit, Li'l Russell is always very diplomatic and low-key when he isn't in an interview, and just says that Jaison is reacting to some "negative" things that Ben said that "might have been a little racial." Jaison objects to Li'l Russell saying "might," because they definitely were.

Probst totally ignores this because it's sensitive and unpleasant, instead telling Jaison that Foa Foa still has a chance in this game despite being down four members after tonight's vote. "Is there any way you could heal this wound?" he asks. Um, why is it on Jaison to do anything? Isn't Ben the one with a lot of work to do? But I guess Probst realizes that Jaison is the only person capable of doing anything to make things better here, since Ben is stupid and unable to use reason or common sense. Jaison says no: "There is no one million dollars that is worth me sitting up here with him anymore." And when we cut to Li'l Russell's reaction to this, we can see Liz hanging out in the corner of the screen doing nothing. Fucking idiot. Does she really think that Ben's racism is limited only to black people and she'll be just fine because she's Asian? Or that his hatred of women is limited only to the blondes and she'll be just fine because she's Li'l Russell's lackey? Honestly, I don't understand why any of these people aren't speaking up with Jaison. Aside from the fact that it's the right thing to do, how about for appearance's sake? Do you really want to be the contestant on a reality show who let a hateful racist stay in the game and didn't say anything about it because you were afraid you'd lose your chance at a million dollars? Because that makes you an asshole, too.

Jaison continues that Ben screamed at Yasmin, and he heard him say "incredible things." The smile disappears from Ashley's face because I guess she has the decency to look not okay with Ben's behavior, even though secretly she's thrilled about it because it bought her at least three more days on the show. Probst asks Ben for a rebuttal. Ben says that this is the way he is and has been since Day 1 and he hasn't started one fight. Jaison interrupts to say he's talking more about the "ghetto trash" comment than Ben's fighting with everyone. Ben doesn't understand what the problem is, since Yasmin told them she was from the ghetto and he believes that she is trash, therefore she is ghetto trash. Liz cringes just like she did last week when she thought about how shitty she's going to look being in an alliance with and fighting to keep this asshole on the show over someone -- anyone -- else. Jaison takes a different approach, asking Ben if, as the proud Southern gentleman he claims to be, if he should really be talking to a woman like that. "She's not a lady," Ben responds; "ladies have manners." Ben pokes the blonde with some force as he points to her as an example of a nice Southern lady with manners because she says "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" and "please" and "thank you." The blonde is just like "keep me the fuck out of this." Also, does Ben really think he's going to prove that he isn't a racist by pointing out how much better the blonde Southern white woman is than the black woman, who he is now calling a bitch? With that, Ben accuses Jaison of playing the race card while the rest of the tribe just looks uncomfortable. Jaison stays calm and tells Ben to "have some sensitivity to history" and how, in that context, "certain comments" made to "certain people" are because of race. Even Li'l Russell can see that, and he sucks. Jaison says that if Ben truly thinks that calling Yasmin "ghetto trash" is not a racist comment, then he's just as ignorant as Yasmin said. All Ben can do is shake his head, because he is completely outmatched here.

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