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Reward challenge! Contestants will be divided into two teams of four. They will race out to collect puzzle boards that they will then have to line up on four stages so that the holes in the puzzle boards all line up with each other and a vowel can be seen at the end of each hole. I know I'm not explaining this very well, but it's one of those challenges that shows much better than it tells. The teams will then take the seven vowels that are revealed and put them in a word jumble with a bunch of consonants and try to figure out the four word phrase it spells out: "you've won a feast." And this may shock you, but the reward is a feast. Bad news for Douche, though -- it must be eaten in the presence of a local tribe of Indians, and Indians hate Douche. But he seems strangely thrilled about this prize, most likely because he's not worried about the Indians since his story wasn't at all true. The Indians will perform a combination of martial arts and dance called Capoeira, which Douche will then attempt to do himself on his front lawn every morning to try to impress the neighbors. It won't work. The winning team will also get to send someone from the losing team to Exile. I hope Douche loses because he wants this so damn much. For someone who claims to have seen all there is to see in this world, he sure likes to bogart the unique cultural experiences from the rest of the contestants.

The red team consists of J.T., Debbie, Tyson, and Erinn. The black team is Taj, Sierra, Douche, and Stephen. Sierra's looking bummed out beyond belief, and Taj puts a friendly arm on her shoulder that is interrupted by Douche's insistence that they all pound fists. Probst calls go, and J.T. and Erinn run out for red while Stephen and Douche run for black. J.T. flies ahead of everyone, while Stephen is just behind Douche. Ha! Strong warrior Douche can barely run faster than Stephen. J.T. and Erinn get their board back first, but Stephen and Douche fit it into the slot thing before they do. Taj and Sierra get their piece untied first, and Taj basically wears the piece with her head poking through one of the holes as they run it back to the start. Tyson and Debbie have a hard time getting their piece in the slot, giving black more of a lead. While both teams are off untying more boards, Probst tells Taj to be careful with the board, noting that she could snap her neck that way. I'm surprised he doesn't actually want that to happen. Probst hates the contestants. Always. Hilariously, Stephen and Douche take a long time to untie their board, giving the red team the lead. When Douche gets back to start, he's clearly winded. Stephen's looking fresh as a daisy, though.

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