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Back at camp, right in front of Sierra, J.T. says he's glad Debbie won and "that couldn't have worked out any better." Debbie quietly says she's happy she won it for her alliance, and Tyson says "there's nothing awesomer than seeing someone celebrate before the game is over." Remember that quote, my friends. Tyson interviews that he would have loved to win the immunity necklace for the third time in a row, because why not advertise what a threat you are to the rest of your tribe? He can't wait for Tribal, at which he hopes Sierra cries a lot. Remember that quote, too.

MEANWHILE!!! Erinn is in the shelter with Taj and Stephen, and she has an idea: vote Tyson out while he doesn't have immunity. Stephen thinks this is a great idea, since they don't know if they'll have another chance to get rid of Tyson. YES. YES. YES. Stephen says he likes Tyson, but this game is for a million dollars. Also, Tyson is not likable. Taj is fine with whatever and tells Stephen to talk to J.T. about it. Stephen ascertains that Erinn is totally with them. Erinn interviews that Tyson is such a great challenge competitor that he must be voted out whenever there's an opportunity. I have such hope, you guys. Such hope. I've had faith in Erinn for almost this whole season. Please let it be founded, unlike my faith in Crystal last season. Erinn says she knows this could be dangerous for her, but she's not going to win this game by letting other people make decisions for her. With that, she cuddles up next to Douche and lets him hug her. I approve of this only because it could lead to Douche being off my TV screen soon. Not soon enough, but soon.

Symbolic spider! And then Stephen talks to J.T., who is stupidly surprised when Stephen suggests taking Tyson out. But he doesn't say no, just that it's a "big move" and it's a bit early to make it, probably since it'll leave Tempura with a majority against JalapeƱo. But it's a majority with Sierra and Erinn in it, so I wouldn't be too concerned. Stephen tells J.T. that this could be their only chance at Tyson, then says that almost every season has one challenge monster. "Let's make it you," he says to J.T. Damn, Stephen is good at this. J.T. says that Sierra is a "lying bitch" and he hates her. Say what? How? How is she any more of a liar than you were when you lied to Brendan? Stephen says he hates Sierra, too, and I don't know where all of this Sierra hate is coming from. J.T. interviews that going against Douche's warrior alliance is a tough decision. If you're a moron, yes. I really hope J.T. isn't a moron. But I also know that this show loves to bring my hopes up only to send them crashing down at Tribal Council.

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