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Douche talks to J.T. and says Sierra is going home tonight, and the "warrior alliance" is going to the Final Five because it would be "fucking stupid" of them to give themselves that name only to chicken out and fall apart. Except that J.T. didn't give the alliance that name. You did, Douche. And you think Debbie is a warrior, so whatever. J.T. looks Douche right in the face and says he has his word. They shake on it. J.T. interviews that it'll "crush" Douche if he goes against him, and he doesn't know what he's going to do. Uh huh. Bye, Sierra.

The tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Probst brings Brendan in, and then there's a shot of Douche with like fifteen feathers in his stupid hair. Brendan goofily smiles and waves at everyone even though there is supposed to be no communication from jury unless it contains Eliza. Probst talks to Sierra first, noting that she was stunned when Brendan was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Sierra says she was, and she's expecting to go home tonight. She won't be blindsided. But she will cry, which probably makes Tyson happy. Please let him be voted out. Please!! Probst asks Tyson if he's nervous about his own position in the game since he doesn't have immunity tonight. Tyson says he feels pretty comfortable because he's an idiot. He says he trusts his alliance and he was happy to see someone he loves win if he couldn't win himself. Sierra rolls her eyes like a champ. "Thank you, Tyson," Debbie says. Please let this lead up to Tyson's blindside. PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE.

Probst starts to ask J.T. what he thinks about Tyson saying that he's glad Debbie won and not J.T. Tyson immediately interrupts to say that he didn't say he was glad Debbie won, he said he was glad that "someone [he] loved" won. And he loves everyone here, including an unamused Brendan and excepting an equally unamused Sierra. Tyson winks at Brendan like that'll win him a vote. When asked, Tyson comes right out and says that he's voting for Sierra tonight. Probst asks Sierra if people are trying to win her jury vote by being "nice" enough to tell her she's being voted out next. Yes, because Tyson was so nice about that. Sierra says that she knew as soon as Brendan left the game that she'd be going next, but she wanted her tribe to know ... and then she sort of makes no sense for a while until Probst finally interrupts to say "I don't know what you're talking about." "Nobody does," Tyson adds. Sierra spins around angrily as Tyson volunteers to speak for Sierra. Sierra turns this generous offer down, and Tyson looks over at Brendan again like he'll be impressed with Tyson for kicking his alliancemate when she's down. Probst just wants to know what the deal is between Tyson and Sierra right now. Sierra says Tyson likes to badger her and most of what he says isn't funny. Go, Sierra! Tyson says he's never felt close to Sierra but he has tried to be friendly to her. Probst asks Tyson if that attitude could hurt him in the game, and Tyson says he gave Sierra five minutes to explain herself and when she took longer than that and he was already mad at her for trying to vote out Douche, he decided that he didn't owe her any more courtesy since she didn't give him any in the first place. "This is a game about strengths and weaknesses. It's not a personality contest," Sierra says, which isn't necessarily true. Then she does make some sense and says that Tyson is really strong in challenges and that's not someone you want to go up against in the end. Douche and Tyson smirk at this, because they have no idea how this game is played. Sierra says she wouldn't vote Tyson out because she didn't like him -- she'd vote him out because it would increase her chances of winning a reward or immunity.

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