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I can already tell that this episode is going to be chock-full of filler based on the extended "previously on" segment that recaps last week's episode, which was also packed with filler. It ends with a lie that Sugar was voted out because she didn't do well on the immunity challenge puzzle when it seemed pretty obvious to me that she was voted out for one of a thousand other reasons. Then we go to Camp Evil on Night 3, where it is pouring. Everyone is soaked and complains about the conditions. Well, everyone except Douche, who as we all know can withstand anything, and Rob, who would rather complain about his tribemates' lack of work around camp that caused their shelter to be so inadequate in the first place. "Again, I'm on the buffoon tribe," he sighs. The next morning, Jerri and Douche check out the romantic sunrise before the tribe gets to work on improving their shelter. Randy interviews that this is the tribe's fourth or fifth attempt at a shelter, with each design being successively worse and less water-proof. Parvati argues with Rob over the shelter design while Li'l Russell mutters something about how she should shut up so as not to piss off Rob. But it's too late, and he walks off in a huff. Courtney interviews that Rob is the "bright shining star" of their tribe of fools, so she hopes he doesn't die or anything. Between that comment and the "break her shoulder" she yelled last week right before Stephenie's shoulder popped out of its socket, I'm starting to wonder if Courtney has psychic powers. She steps up and makes suggestions about the structural integrity of their shelter design, causing Randy to mutter to Tyson about how a "waitress from New York City" doesn't know much about construction work. Unlike, say, a videographer from Missouri or a bicyclist from Utah, both of whose hometowns and occupations indicate that they are more than qualified to build shelters.

The Heroes, meanwhile, are working well together, or so the epic score that heralds their segment would have us believe. Tom and James carry huge logs through the woods while Colby drags a leaf or two. James, who lest we forget was voted out of his first season with two immunity idols and had to be medically evacuated from his second because of a cut on his finger, interviews that they're some of the "greatest" Survivors this game has ever seen. Rupert, meanwhile, mutters to himself about how he loves watching his tribe work. Watching is about all he appears to be doing, as he certainly isn't contributing with any work of his own. Rupert then interviews that it's good for his "game" to get rid of Stephenie as soon as possible. With that, Stephenie's attempt to make coconut popcorn fails to meet Rupert's high standards. Rupert apparently is unable to make the popcorn himself, most likely due to his broken toe. Stephenie interviews that Rupert and his opinions "about everything" are starting to annoy her. She thinks he's overplaying the "hero" role the show assigned him. "It's Day Four, like ... whoa," she Myas.

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