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For her part, Amanda says that she's "legitimately concerned" that her new glasses won't make her look as smart as she's hoping they will. Oh, and also that people will think she's in an alliance with people she played the game with before. She says she knows her name has been bounced around as a possible boot, which makes her nervous. All she can do is hope she put her trust in the right people. Yes, people like Mr. ONEVOICE, Permanently Disabled Rupert, Unintelligible J.T., Jedi Mind Trick Cirie, and Anonymous Candice. And yet, Amanda somehow makes it to the end every single time! I don't know how, but I am impressed. In fact, while I don't want Stephenie to be voted out tonight (especially after James's behavior did nothing but put me firmly in Camp Stephenie, Colby, and Tom), I also don't want Amanda to go home yet because a big part of me is really hoping she makes it to the end again and loses again. It's like a Survivor tradition. Rupert, on the other hand, can go home ANYTIME.

Speaking of Rupert, he's somehow able to walk to the voting booth despite his toe being broken worse than any other toe has been in the history of toes. We don't see who he votes for. Stephenie votes for Amanda, saying, "it's the plan, you're the weakest." Amanda votes for Stephenie. Probst returns with the urn. He reads Stephenie and Amanda's votes for each other first, then one for "Stef," one for Amanda, a third for Stephenie and a third for Amanda (who has no reaction to this), and a fourth for Stephenie. So those are the alliance votes. Now it's time for the moment of truth! Stephenie looks down and shakes her head, looking pretty defeated. And then she's voted out. Cirie couldn't vote Amanda out after all. And just when I start feeling sorry for Stephenie and angry about how this all went down, she turns back to her tribe as Probst snuffs her torch and says "just some advice: next time 'y'all' lose a challenge, a little less cursing off your tribe might help." And just when I'm starting to think that her tribe did the right thing in voting her last-word-needing egomaniac self out, James reminds me what a complete asshole he is by saying "keep your mouth shut." So unnecessary. You voted her out, isn't that enough? "Aw, come on," Tom says. "It's been a pleasure," Stephenie says, because after all that, she STILL just has to get the last word. Too bad she didn't let that be her Final Two finish in Guatemala.

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