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After the break, we see what I believe is the "real" footage of the event. Rob is propped up against a tree and conscious. He's given a nice, cold bottle of water to drink (up until now, have we ever seen a contestant given bottled water who wasn't then evacuated? It does happen, but this is the first time I think the show has actually acknowledged it), which he has trouble holding in his shaky hands. He interviews that he doesn't remember much of what happened due to being unconscious. Does a nap count as being unconscious? Apparently on this show it does. Because if Rob was really unconscious, I'd think that's enough of a medical emergency for him to be pulled from the game, and yet, it's the doctor's (a different doctor this time -- did that last lady finally quit or did they fire her for having no idea how to prevent contestants injuries from turning into horrible infections?) opinion that Rob "looks worse than he is." Rob says he feels better now, and starts crying. "I feel like it's getting the best of me," he sobs, making sure the camera is in nice and tight for the close-up of his tears. He then says he's going to win this game and Probst laughs, as Rob is back to his old self again. Rob interviews that he had a "moment of clarity" then, and realized that by trying so hard to be a good guy to his tribe, he made himself "physically sick." He's ready to be the villain he thinks everyone wants him to be. With that, he needs Probst to help him to his feet. He interviews that he just had "the flu" and "crybabyitis," but is okay to stay in the game. Probst leaves him to it. I have no idea what really happened there, but I sincerely doubt that Rob could have stayed in the game if he actually had the flu. I don't know of one case of the flu where it didn't knock the person who got it on his ass for days, leaving him in no condition to play a physically demanding game like this. And yet, Rob just drank some magic bottled water and all is well.

He returns to camp, where his tribemates are already aware that something happened to him and happy to see him return. They hug him, which can't be a good idea if he actually does have the flu (which he doesn't) because as bad as it is for the only capable person in your tribe to get the flu, it's even worse if you also get the flu. So stay the hell away from him and his flu germs. Rob tells his tribe that he had a migraine combined with heat and exhaustion but should be fine in 48 hours. But I thought he had the flu? Now he has a migraine? This makes no sense, so let's just throw in an interview from Li'l Russell, who says he's happy that Rob is okay because even a villain like Li'l Russell cares a little bit about his fellow man. As long as it's a man.

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