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The Heroes, meanwhile, continue to argue with each other. James yells at his tribe for not listening to J.T. and thus causing them to lose. Stephenie immediately says that she was listening. James says everyone was talking when it should have been "one voice." I guess I agree with that in theory, but it's kind of difficult in practice when the "one voice" you're supposed to be listening to sounds like it's coming from a mouth full of marbles. That is when it's doing any talking in the first place. Stephenie interviews that she doesn't appreciate James talking to her like that, but she has to bite her lip about it or else become an even bigger target than she knows she already is, thanks to Rupert's dislike of her. I like how she guesses that one reason why Rupert wants her gone is because she "threatens his popularity," as if Stephenie or Rupert are all that popular anymore or could have ever possibly been as popular in the outside world as they clearly are in their own minds. "I'm just trying to say as little as possible," Stephenie claims, although so far, she's said quite a lot. With that, Probst gives the Villains their idol and reward and tells them to head out. As the Heroes do another slow-motion walk of shame, James tells us that no one in the history of this show besides Stephenie has managed to lose her entire tribe coming into the merge, and so she must be the reason why the Heroes are losing now. He calls her "kryptonite" and says she needs to go.

The Heroes return to camp. The text now announces that it's Day 5, so I guess Rob could have been sick and still able to perform so well in the challenge after all, since he had a day to rest up and get better. J.T. interviews that he stepped up to lead his group in the puzzle part of the challenge, only for some people (we cut to a shot of Stephenie) to try to take control as well. To his tribe, though, he takes full responsibility because he wants to hear them all say that it wasn't his fault because people weren't listening to him. Rupert puts in his two cents about how the Villains won because Rob stepped up and took control and his tribe listened to him. I wish someone would bring up how, despite not feeling well, Rob participated in the challenge because he knew his team needed him. Rupert, on the other hand, let his team down by sitting out because of his broken toe. James and Amanda say that everyone should have listened to J.T., with James repeating his stupid new "one voice!" mantra that he didn't even make up himself. He says he was angry that some people got "defensive" when he started yelling and screaming at them instead of taking responsibility for how their actions contributed to the team's loss. "I ain't never lost this much in my life!" he says. Dude, you only lost, like, twice. I'm sure you've lost more than that in your life. Shut up. Tom interviews that he really doubts that James has been "a winner [his] whole life" and says he'd love to school James on what really makes a winner, but he can't for fear of being voted out.

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