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After the break, there are still 15 minutes to go in this episode. Holy Christ, would it have been that difficult for the challenge team to recycle two challenges from past seasons instead of just one so we wouldn't have to deal with all this filler? It's not even character-development filler, which I would like. It's the same thing over and over again. Oh, except now we're supposed to believe it's Day 6, even though I don't think we've ever seen a Tribal Council happen a day and a half AFTER the challenge. It's always the same day and it's the same day this time, too, but the editors want us to believe it isn't for some reason. Whatever. Stephenie tells Cirie and Candice that if they don't team up with her and vote Amanda out, then they'll be the next to go. Stephenie interviews that she's just trying to "get rid of the weakest first," as if the weakest person on the tribe isn't Cirie or Candice or Rupert but just happens to be James's ally. She promises Cirie that she'll be next if she doesn't do something tonight. Cirie just nods and appears to consider everything Stephenie is saying.

Later on, Tom heads out into the woods with Candice and tells her the same thing that Stephenie did: that she and Cirie are next to go. "I think we've got a better deal for you," he says. Candice interviews that she's not so sure about that, since no matter which alliance she picks, she'll be at the bottom of it. Then shouldn't she pick Tom's alliance, since it has one fewer person in it and thus she'll be in the Top 5 rather than the Top 6? Or even the Top 4 if they like her more than Cirie, which there's no chance will happen with the other alliance since Cirie knows Amanda and James pretty well? For that matter, I can't figure out why J.T. decided to side with James over Tom when James is stronger than Tom and thus more likely to beat J.T. in an individual immunity challenge and Tom has won the game before. Candice tells Tom that she has to vote according to "what's best for [her]." Tom says he can guarantee that with his other alliance someone will be voted out before her, and she can't get that promise from them. Except that I'm sure she can. Why not? He leaves her by saying that he, Stephenie, and Colby are writing Amanda's name down tonight and he hopes she and Cirie will, too.

Cirie and Candice sit on a log together and try to figure out their next move. "Once this decision is made, all the cards are out," Cirie says. Just to add some suspense to the mix, she claims that she's not as tight with Amanda and James as people seem to think she is, since Amanda "cost [her] a million dollars" when she chose to take Parvati to the end instead of Cirie. More like Cirie cost herself a million dollars by not being able to balance a marble on a piece of wood, but whatever. Candice and Cirie decide that they need each other in this game and they have some "common denominators," as Cirie says, busting out the math speak. My love for her thus decreases somewhat due to it being inversely proportional to my hatred of mathematics. Candice asks Cirie what their next move will be. Cirie says she doesn't really care as long as they're safe. Which they somehow are because Cirie has made herself the crucial swing vote ONCE AGAIN in this game. And yet, they voted Sugar out last week and either Amanda or Stephenie this week. Real smart, guys.

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