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After Tribal Council, Chelsea celebrates finally getting rid of Troy. Kat tells everyone that he told her, "Do it!" before leaving, and expresses surprise that he chose her to encourage that way. Kat wants everyone to believe she's a brilliant strategist, but telling everyone that she's Troy the Jury Member's favorite was not her best move. Kim interviews that she feels incredibly relieved that Troy's gone. They discuss the voting and Alicia points out that Troy voted for Christina and she could've gone home. Well, wasn't that your alliance's backup plan, Alicia? That if Troy played an Idol, Christina would go home? Don't act so surprised.

Alicia interviews that Christina just looks dumber when she answers questions at Tribal Council, while Sabrina can talk and persuade people, so she might be more dangerous in the finals. Alicia feeds that information to Kim, starting to make her case to vote out Sabrina next. Alicia interviews that people don't like Christina and Sabrina is scary as a competitor, so Alicia thinks he's in a good spot. In fact, she believes that she's controlling the game. Mmm hmm. Sure you are. You keep thinking that.

The next day, Sabrina and Alicia go to get treemail and discover a product-placed cell phone containing video messages from their family members. My favorite part is that Alicia gets so excited that she shakes the box up and down while showing it off to the tribe and Chelsea snaps at her, "Stop shaking it!" I don't think Chelsea likes Alicia all that much.

They gather around and watch the messages from family members. It's the typical cryfest, with the loved one offering messages of support and hopes to spend time together. Christina explains that her dad had a kidney transplant last year and now has only five to ten years to live. I'm going to assume he has an underlying illness, because kidney transplants don't limit your life expectancy that way. Tarzan gets all emotional when he sees his wife, which is sweet. Sabrina interviews that Tarzan deserves to see his wife, since they don't have much time left on this earth (? He's 64) and don't have children (?). I would point out that Tarzan is the only one with a spouse that came to the island, which is reason enough to let him visit I guess. I'm not sure why the no children and the age thing matters. Does Sabrina know that she could get hit by a truck tomorrow? And Tarzan could live to be 100 and his wife could be 101? Anyway, Sabrina's point is that whoever wins should make sure Tarzan gets to spend time with his wife, which is not a bad point.

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