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Moving on to the actual challenge, the contestants enter with grins because they know they're going to get to see their loved ones. When Probst says that their loved ones are there on the island, Tarzan starts crying. And once the first loved one comes out (Kim's sister), everyone starts crying. Christina's dad comes out and I have to say that he looks pretty spry and healthy for someone who has less than ten years to live. Chelsea's dad comments that she's really tan and Chelsea cry-laughs that it's dirt. Alicia's sister is named Leticia. Her parents were on some good drugs. Kat's cousin Robby comes out and Kat starts crawling on the ground and then wraps her legs around him and they're both hysterical and I don't even know what's going on. Apparently, they are very close. I don't get a kissing cousins vibe or anything, but I don't think I'm that close to anyone except my husband and kids. They practically have a secret language. And they live together?

Tarzan is the last to meet his loved one and he walks a few steps forward and goes down on one knee to wait. His wife comes out and they embrace and cry and she says, "Don't ever leave me." I don't love Tarzan but that's heartwarming. They reeeeeeeally love one another and that is sweet to see even if you don't love the individuals involved.

The challenge is one we've seen before: the contestant and his or her loved one will be attached to a rope with a carbineer and they have to go through an obstacle course while staying attached to the rope. Probst calls the start and the teams take off. Tarzan and his wife are struggling early. Kat, Alicia, Chelsea and Kim get a quick start and are to the halfway point while the others are at the beginning. Sabrina is hopeless. Kat takes the lead, but then they get caught up in a knot, which leaves an opening for some others. In the end, Kat and Kim approach the finish line at the same time, but Kat and Robby make it there first. Kat cheers and yells out, "I won one guys! Come on!" She doesn't seem to understand why no one is happy to see her win or why this challenge might have been more important to some people.

Once everyone gets unhooked from the rope, Probst calls Kat and Robby over and explains that the reward is an afternoon away from camp with a panoply of meats and cheeses. Probst tells Kat that she can choose one person and his or her loved on to join them and Kat barely hesitates before choosing Kim. I guess the hard feelings from not being chosen last time are gone? Kat gets to choose one more person and she scans the group quickly before saying Alicia. Ooh, Tarzan had such a hopeful look on his face. That was rough. Probst points out that Alicia and Kim got to go on the last reward.

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