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Probst cranks out the line a little more and twenty minutes have passed. Alicia says that he can't do it anymore and steps off. So now Kat, Kim, Chelsea and Christina are the only ones left. Chelsea says that she can't do it anymore and Kim tells her that it's okay, so she steps off. Probst notes that Christina is thinking about giving up and Christina says she's not just thinking about it and she steps off.

Now it's down to Kat and Kim. They've been up there for an hour and Probst cranks out the rope a little more. Well, kind of a lot more. Alicia says that she's really impressed with Kat's stamina and Sabrina agrees. Kat whines that she wants to win because Kim wins everything. Kim is not swayed by Kat's begging. A few minutes later, Kat falls in and Kim jumps after her. Everyone compliments Kat as she climbs up on the dock and pouts. Kim asks for a high five and Kat says, "No!" She sits facing away from Kim while Kim gets the necklace. What a baby. And a poor sport. I could MAYBE see being so upset if she thought it means she was going home tonight, but she doesn't think she's in any danger. She's just being a baby. Chelsea interviews that she's sick of Kat's selfishness and that everyone thinks Sabrina is going, but Chelsea thinks it's worth talking about Kat some more.

The tribe returns to camp. Sabrina commends both Kat and Kim for lasting so long. Kat tells Kim that she really wanted to beat her and then interviews that she can't believe that she got beat by someone who's 28. WHAT? Kat is 22. She thinks 28 is old? Does she remember getting beat by Troy, who's way older than 28? Anyway, Kat is an idiot and a child.

Alicia and Kat discuss the vote. Kat says that she hasn't talked to Kim about it yet today (RED FLAG) but she knows that it's Sabrina. Kat goes on about how Sabrina has no clue and blindsides are really great. Kat adds that they are controlling the game now. Well, I expect that's exactly how it will go then. Why not just skip to the finals? Alicia interviews that she thought they needed to get rid of Sabrina, but she was the first one out in the challenge and she's weak, while Kat almost won and maybe they need to look at taking out Kat. But didn't Alicia want to get rid of Sabrina because she could persuade a jury with her verbal gymnastics? Challenge strength had nothing to do with it. Alicia's strategy makes no sense and changes every five minutes.

Alicia approaches Kim and says that now she thinks they need to keep Sabrina and take out Kat, because Kat is too much of a threat in challenges. Alicia is worried that Kat will win immunity every week and then they can't get her out. I thought Alicia wanted to take Kat to the final three like five minutes ago? Or was that all bullshit? WHO DOES ALICIA WANT TO TAKE TO THE FINALS? I can't keep track of these things. Kim is shocked that Alicia had such a change of heart. Sabrina wanders up with some wood for the fire and Alicia tells her that they're voting out Kat. Sabrina agrees that Kat is now a challenge threat. Kim interviews that she still wants to take Sabrina out first, even though Kat might get jury votes because she didn't piss anyone off. Kim is still convinced that Sabrina can outtalk her in front of a jury. There is a good chance that Kat would say something dumb and offensive to the jury; Kim's not wrong about that. But there's also a good chance that the jury would chuckle and say, "Oh, that Kat. What a goofball." Kim interviews that Kat and Tarzan will vote out Sabrina, while Sabrina and Alicia want Kat out. So Kim and Chelsea are the deciding votes here.

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