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Kim and Chelsea take a walk on the beach. Kim tells Chelsea about Alicia's change of heart. Chelsea is shocked too, as Kim explains her concerns: that Sabrina is too smart to keep around. Chelsea interviews that Alicia wants Kat to go, while Kim still wants to vote out Sabrina. Chelsea understands Kim's rationale, but she also thinks that Sabrina has been on their side since day one. Hasn't Kat also, though? Kat was part of the original alliance of five. I think Chelsea just doesn't like Kat and she's looking for any reason to get rid of her. Anyway, Chelsea says that she and Kim need to be in total agreement on their course of action. Kim adds that she knows that Alicia wants Kat out, but Kim want to make sure that it's the best move for them (her and Chelsea) before going along with it. That's why Kim is smart. She thinks through all of the angles.

Kim talks to Tarzan, who says he was told to vote for Kat. Kim isn't sure about that. Kim interviews that she's had an alliance with Sabrina since day one, but Kat looks at her as a big sister. She knows that this is a game-changing decision and there's no way to keep everyone happy at this point and it will be a blindside either way. Tarzan calls Kim "boss lady" and she laughs, but he says it's true. It is true. People are just now starting to figure that out?

Tribal Council. The remaining contestants enter and sit and then the jury walks in. Troy still looks pissed and I think he's wearing Zubaz -- with a matching bandana. Probst starts out by reminding Kat how devastated she was to be left behind for reward last week and then she was put in the position of choosing this week. Kat says that it was "the hardest thing [she's] ever had to do in [her] life." WHAT? I can accept that it was the hardest thing in the game, but the hardest IN HER LIFE? She has obviously lived a really fucking easy life. Or she's exaggerating to try to get sympathy. Kat adds that it's frustrating and it hurts her feelings. It hurts HER feelings? What is she even talking about? Probst asks, incredulously, "Your feelings?" Kat says that she didn't want to see people be mad at her. Does she even know that other people exist? Is she just a sociopath?

Probst points out that Kim dissed Kat last week and yet Kat picked Kim first. Kat says that she wasn't thinking strategically and instead thought about who she would have a good time with, which was her choice. Probst asks Sabrina if she buys that Kat wasn't thinking strategically. Sabrina says it obviously wasn't strategic and it was just 22-year-old logic. Kat gives a big grin and head nod at this. Hey, let's not throw all 22-year-olds under the bus here. Kat's smile dims when Sabrina adds that Kat will live to regret her decision because most of the others would have chosen Tarzan and Christina because of the backstory. Sabrina adds her version of "Bygones," saying, "But it's her choice." Kat says that she's twenty-two and naïve and she's sorry that she made a choice that no one agrees with. I don't think she's sorry at all. Or at least she doesn't realize the impact that her decision had on her and the game.

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