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Probst asks Chelsea if she buys that Kat is that naïve and Chelsea says that she's a little sick of Kat using her age as an excuse for her selfish decisions, since twenty-two is not that young. Thank you, Chelsea! Kat grumps, "So, is this whole Tribal Council about me? Like, I had no idea that this was going to happen." I think if anyone was waffling on voting out Kat, that may have sealed the decision, because that was super bitchy and defensive for no reason.

Probst wants to hear from Tarzan as the wise elder or whatever. Tarzan says that Kat just wanted to have fun with her friends and wasn't thinking about him and his wife and their relationship. He adds that she's too young to have empathy for his situation and he gets that, so it didn't bother him. Kat nods in agreement.

Probst wants to talk about the Immunity Challenge and the fact that Sabrina went out first. He wonders if it's good news because it means Sabrina's not a threat or if it makes people think that she doesn't deserve to go to the end, because she's weak. Alicia says she was surprised that Sabrina went out first, because she expected Tarzan to lose early, but she also thinks Sabrina may be playing a game and hoping to avoid being seen as a physical threat. Probst asks about the ending of the challenge and Alicia says that she expects it from Kim, but she was shocked by Kat. Probst wonders if Kat earns respect for that and Alicia says that she does, but Alicia was also confused about how she was so upset with Kim. Kat interrupts that she was actually just upset with herself. Sabrina points out that Kat blew off Kim's high five and Kat just shakes her head and says, "Dude, what is this?" I think it's you being blindsided and everyone trying to explain in advance why it's happening, but let's find out.

Probst asks about the vibe around camp, since they're decimated the men and now have to turn on one another. Sabrina admits that things are getting testy, but she appreciates honesty and respect from the others. See, if Sabrina's going tonight that's her death knell right there. Probst asks Kim if being too honest can be a threat, because it wins jury votes. Kim says she's seen that happen in previous seasons, because people like and will vote for a straight shooter. Everyone else on the tribe looks like they never thought of that. Kim's probably like, "Thanks, Probst. Thanks for pointing out my strategy to these dummies."

Probst asks Sabrina if being too well-spoken and honest could be her downfall and Sabrina says that she's planning on voting with her emotions, so someone who pissed her off won't get her vote, even if that was the best player. Is Sabrina assuming she's going to be on the jury? That was a weird way to answer that question. Except that, again, it was telegraphing her intentions to Kat.

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