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Blindsides are Fun! And Exciting!

Kat smirks and Probst asks her what she thinks of Sabrina's statement, since she's effectively saying that she probably wouldn't vote for someone who blindsided her. Interesting that no one mentioned blindsides and yet Probst brought it up. I'm going to guess there was more discussion of blindsides that got edited out. Kat says that a blindside can be funny and exciting, because they always are and people are shocked. They always excite her. She adds, "If it does, cool beans and if it doesn't, touché, whatever." That is the greatest line for Kat to go out on, because it reveals everything about how dumb and clueless she is right now. It's time to vote.

We see Kat vote for Sabrina and Sabrina vote for Kat, but the other votes are not yet revealed. Probst tallies the votes and no one plays an Idol. He reads the votes. The first one is for Sabrina. The second vote and the third vote and the fourth vote and the fifth vote are for Kat. She is stunned and no one will meet her eyes. Now THAT was a blindside, although its success largely hinged on Kat's ineptitude. She starts crying as she leaves. Probst notes that it was obviously a blindside and if it happened to her, it can happen to anyone. It can, but let's not discount Kat's cluelessness. I wonder if Sabrina has any clue how close she came to going home. And I wonder if everyone will finally band together and get rid of Kim, if she ever loses immunity. Then again, she has an Idol, so she's in good shape. Over the credits, we see that everyone but Kat voted for Kat. Ouch.

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