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Tikiano. Night 33. The tribe has just returned from voting out Kat. They discuss how ironic it was to vote out Kat after she ran her mouth about how blindsides were hilarious. Tarzan interviews that the women should have voted him out before Kat (he's right) and that now he has a plan to get himself to the final four and maybe three.

Tarzan pulls Kim aside for some strategy talk. She says that she's not against him making the final four. He posits that Kim's best strategy is to take Alicia and Christina to the final three, because no one will vote for Christina. I guess it's just a given that no one will vote for Alicia either. Tarzan adds that he thinks he can convince the jury to vote for Kim. Kim isn't sure that Alicia will take her, but Tarzan thinks that Alicia is all in on Kim. As is everyone else on the tribe, apparently. Tarzan adds that they need to get rid of Chelsea next. Kim interviews that Tarzan's strategy is sound, but she really likes Chelsea and doesn't want to vote her out.

Alicia joins them and Kim fills her in on Tarzan's strategy and then leaves. Alicia is worried that she can't beat Kim in the finals, but Tarzan tells her that he'll push her to the jury members. Hey, didn't he just promise the same thing to Kim? That Tarzan! Playing both sides! He sells it to Alicia by saying that everyone on the jury feels betrayed by Kim, which may be true. Tarzan interviews that he's been playing the game in segments: don't be voted out first, make it to the merge, make it to see his wife, make it to the final four and make it to the final three. And he's happy with final three, if that's as far as it goes.

The next morning, the women discuss how to portion out their remaining rice. Chelsea interviews that the game has come down to three on three: Chelsea, Kim and Sabrina versus Alicia, Christina and Tarzan. Chelsea knows that the other side thinks Kim is with them, but Chelsea is sure she's not. How sure, Chelsea? And isn't this the point where people should be talking about taking out Kim, since everyone likes her and no one can beat her in the finals?

Chelsea and Christina go for a walk to get Treemail and Christina says that she's been dreaming about food all night. Chelsea says that if she wins reward, she'll take Christina and Christina promises the same. As they walk back, Chelsea lays out some strategy, including that Alicia wants to take Christina and Tarzan to the finals. Chelsea says she thinks it's a mistake to take Tarzan, because she thinks that the men will vote for him over any woman. And then she asks Christina to keep this conversation private, even though she's best buds with Alicia.

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