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Back at camp, Alicia and Christina are bitching about Chelsea's picks, especially Kim. They're right; Chelsea shouldn't have pretended she was picking out of fairness. I don't think Tarzan has gone on any of these rewards. Christina brings up how Chelsea said she would take her on reward. Alicia and Christina tell Tarzan that they're definitely voting Chelsea out if she doesn't win immunity. They know it might be a tie, so they plan to force Kim to vote with them to see if she's really in their alliance. Alicia interviews that she thinks Kim would be stupid to allow the vote to go to a tie, but that's Kim's decision to make. Tarzan lays out his theory for the ladies: that if Kim returns and says she doesn't want to vote out Chelsea any more, they'll know she's not with them. That he thinks Kim and Chelsea are secretly a team (secretly?). That he thinks Alicia and Christina have a better chance in the finals if they take him and not Kim. Christina agrees and Alicia interviews that they need to get rid of Chelsea first and then think about getting rid of Kim next. Alicia has stumbled onto the only way she will win this game; now to wait and see if she actually follows through.

Back on the yacht, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina are eating and drinking and talking about how happy they are to be eating. Kim says that she doesn't think Alicia and Christina doubt her allegiance to them at all. Sabrina interviews that Kim has this magical ability to look at you and make you believe whatever she's saying. She does! She is magic! Kim interviews that the reward helped her clarify her purpose in the game, but she also recognizes that they only have three votes, which isn't enough.

Tikiano. Day 36. Tarzan is making stew in his buff and washing his hair in the cooler. He is gross. Alicia walks up and starts talking to him about how he plans to cook the coconut and Tarzan won't give specifics about how he's going to cook it. She just wants to know if he's using his buff to drain it. As they argue, the other three women return. Okay, Tarzan is probably right that TECHNICALLY, there may be nothing wrong with using dirty clothes to prepare food, but he doesn't seem to realize that it skeeves people out. It's like if I dropped food on my arm and then licked it off, that wouldn't gross me out. But I wouldn't lick food off someone else's arm, because that's gross even though the other person may be cleaner or the same amount of clean as me. I don't know how Tarzan doesn't get that.

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