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As Tarzan washes his back in the ocean with his buff (see? Now eat out of that!), Kim and Alicia compare notes. Alicia says that Tarzan talked Kim down while she was gone and tried to convince them to take him to the finals instead of Kim. They discuss what Tarzan's plan may have been all along and Kim adds that she just doesn't want to see a man win in the end, given how everything started. Kim interviews that Alicia is only keeping Tarzan around because she thinks he's a minion, so Kim's strategy is to convince Alicia that Tarzan is a mastermind planning to take Alicia out. So here's how Kim does it: she reveals that Tarzan said he would convince the jury to vote for her. Alicia reveals that Tarzan told her the same thing. See? That's what Kim was talking about when playing both sides; they compare notes and you're screwed. Kim adds that Tarzan was probably going to take Christina and Sabrina to the finals. I don't know about that part; that might be Kim's embellishment.

Kim and Alicia are chagrined that they almost got played by Tarzan of all people. Alicia interviews that after talking with Kim, she realized that Tarzan wants to take Kim out and then take Alicia out and make Alicia look like a fool. Here's why Kim is brilliant: if you can convince Alicia that someone was trying to make her look stupid, she will do anything to get rid of that person. That's her biggest fear -- looking foolish or like she got played. And if you can get her emotional, she won't follow logic. Because seriously, it is Alicia's best play to take Tarzan and Christina to the finals. But now that she's pissed at Tarzan, she'll never do it.

Christina joins them and they fill her in. She adds that Tarzan asked her if she was worried about Alicia at all and Kim and Alicia are even more convinced that they're right. Alicia does a long interview where she sounds like an idiot while claiming that she's not going to get played and no one makes her look stupid and she's the most powerful player in the game. Oh, Alicia. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you'll win, but clearly Kim is the most powerful player right now. Anyway, Alicia's plan is to vote out Chelsea, but if Chelsea wins immunity, to vote out Tarzan. Here's how dumb Alicia is: she had a guaranteed 3-2 vote for whomever once Chelsea was gone. Now she wants to get rid of someone she was pretty sure was going to vote with her and put herself in the minority! No, she won't look like a fool at all.

Immunity Challenge. The tribe assembles and Probst explains the deal: they have to use large S-shaped fishhooks to pick up bags of puzzle pieces and then use the pieces to complete a fish skeleton puzzle. Basically, the frame of the fish is hanging up and the pieces form the bones of the skeleton, all fitting into three different colored sections, like bones from a spine. Oh and they have to do the whole thing with one hand tied behind their backs.

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