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Everyone gets the first bag of pieces around the same time. What surprised me was that the pieces seem to be able to go into any slot in the appointed section. Like there are 12 slots for the green pieces, but you can put any piece into any slot. So it's not so much a puzzle as it is busywork. Anyway, Kim, Alicia and Chelsea all finish the first section and run to get the next bag. Sabrina and Christina are not too far behind and Tarzan is bringing up the rear.

Kim and Alicia return with their second bags at the same time, but Alicia has trouble opening the bag (since she has to use her teeth) and Kim takes the lead. Everyone else returns with the second bag and I say to my husband, "What happened to Chelsea? Is she dead?" She was neck-and-neck with the leaders and then she suddenly disappeared. Turns out that she had a lot of trouble picking up the second bag of pieces and fell way behind. Everyone finishes the second section and goes back for the final bag, except for Chelsea, who is at least working on it, but way behind.

Alicia is the first to snag the third bag and Sabrina is right with her. Kim was behind, but she gets back and uses her magic powers to catch up. It comes down to Alicia and Kim and both drop pieces out of nervousness, making it very, very close. Alicia finally finishes and runs back to the mat, winning Immunity. Man, how different this game would be if Alicia would use what might be her only chance to vote out Kim. Of course, Kim has an Idol, but Alicia doesn't know that. Right? Does she? We only saw Kim tell Chelsea.

The tribe returns to camp as Alicia interviews that she can't believe she won and she's thrilled. They sit around discussing the challenge and suddenly Tarzan yells out, "You bitch! How dare you beat me?" I think he was trying to be sarcastic, like how you call your friend a bitch when she says that she lost twenty pounds from the stomach flu or whatever, but he doesn't get that only women and gay guys can call a woman a bitch and get away with it. Then Tarzan adds that he should have won that challenge because it wasn't even athletic. Alicia's like, "Thanks question mark?" Alicia interviews that she can get rid of Chelsea or Tarzan. Right now, she controls three votes: hers, Christina's, and Tarzan's. She's debated whether to give up that power or take out Tarzan before he can take her out. How exactly would Tarzan take her out? I feel like she's not thinking this through.

Kim pulls Sabrina aside and fills her in on how she hornswoggled Alicia and Christina into thinking Tarzan is an unstable threat. Sabrina interviews that she doesn't know how Kim did it, but she may have convinced Alicia to get rid of Tarzan next. Sabrina is also aware that Kim may be lying and Alicia may change her mind. Sabrina's actually playing a really smart game. I don't know if she could beat Kim in the end, but I think she probably has the best chance of anyone.

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