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Kim now pulls Chelsea aside and tells her what she did, but adds that Alicia is still talking about taking Chelsea out first and then Tarzan. Kim says that she pushed for taking Tarzan out first as much as she could without making it obvious that she's working with Chelsea. Kim knows that Tarzan will be pushing to take her out, so she's worried too. Chelsea points out that Kim could play her Idol and Kim says she's actually considering it -- she's that worried. Kim interviews that as much as she wants to see Chelsea stay, if she senses that the others are voting out Chelsea, she will go along with it to save herself. She doesn't want to play her Idol now, when she could use it next round to automatically get into the final four. That was a nice talk between two friends who are clearheaded about how this game is played. It's like they were saying, "I'm doing what I can to keep you around, because I like you, but know that I'm also looking out for myself because it's a game." And no one got hurt or felt betrayed. That's what this game should be like. Although it would probably be pretty boring to watch.

Sabrina and Chelsea join up on the beach and Chelsea says that she's just pissed that people like Christina will last longer than her in the game, even though she's useless. Sabrina assures Chelsea that she's not going home. Not sure why Sabrina is so confident. Sabrina interviews that Chelsea's safety counts on Kim being able to convince Alicia that Tarzan is a threat, but Sabrina points out again that Kim is kind of magic and very convincing.

Alicia and Tarzan go for a walk and Tarzan wants to know if Alicia still plans to take him to the final three (she does) and vote out Chelsea next (she does) and if Kim is on board (she is). Tarzan interviews that he helped the women to take out the men and as long as they aren't sick of his grouchy ass, he thinks he could make it to the finals now. And his plan is best for Alicia if she thinks about it, but he knows that Alicia may not really trust him. As they get water, Alicia floats the idea of taking Kim to the finals. Tarzan says that Kim is too clever and could beat them in front of a jury. I can't believe that Alicia can't see that Kim would totally beat her. She really thinks that people like and respect her more than Kim? Girl, please.

As they prepare to go to Tribal, Tarzan is sporting a pink tank top and Kat's discarded bikini bottoms on his head. He asks if anyone finds it offensive. The women are just standing around, waiting for him, looking annoyed. Alicia interviews that she doesn't want to blindside Tarzan, but she also doesn't want to be blindsided BY him. They finally take off for Tribal Council and we in the audience don't yet know who they will be voting out. Alicia interviews that she wants to trust Kim, but she's also worried that she's being played.

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