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The Inevitable

Jury time! Vytas is up first. He's the one juror I have pegged as possibly being bitter. He tells Tyson that he did the right thing in knocking out Vytas and Aras because they weren't planning on taking him to the finals. Vytas reminds Tyson that he vowed that Tyson wouldn't get his jury vote, so he feels he has to stick to that. Vytas give Gervase a speech about how old school doesn't work in this game, and he's only there because he linked up with Tyson. Vytas says that he considered Monica a friend and she turned on him in a way the guys never did. So Vytas doesn't know who to vote for. I don't know if I buy that.

Katie, what's your question? She congratulates them all, and then tells Tyson that he said he never did anything out of malice, but when they drew rocks and Katie lost, he turned to her and pointed to the jury and said her seat was over there. Yeah, what was up with that? Tyson has no good explanation other than that he was pumped with adrenaline from drawing rocks and his mouth got ahead of his brain, but he apologizes because he recognizes it was a shitty thing to do.

Caleb asks Gervase what his game-changing move was. Gervase says that it was probably voting out Aras. He adds that he knows it looked like Tyson was behind a lot of moves, but that was by design; Gervase was able to call the shots without putting a target on his back. Was he? Or did Tyson just let him think he was calling the shots? Because from what we saw, it seemed like the latter.

Then Caleb starts a trend with the jury, where he asks Monica to show some vulnerability. I really did not get this on first viewing, but after mulling it over, I think I get it. I think we all know someone like this. Someone who is always nice, who always sacrifices, who if we're honest is kind of a doormat, someone who has subsumed their own wants and needs and desires to those of others for so long that they don't have any left, it seems. And you just KNOW that person has something else going on: some pent-up anger, some sarcasm, some bitchery, some deep need for a show of gratitude. But you just never see it and never see it until you start to wonder if the person is just a robot with no personality, because it's not human. So I think that's what the jury is asking for from Monica -- some sign that she's not a robot.

Monica starts crying and says that she really wants this, because she's never had anything for herself. And she's proud of herself and she hopes they're proud of her, because she's felt like she didn't have a friend since Brad left. She says that she wanted to make it to the end and win so that she could have a title other than Brad's wife and her kids' mom.

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