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The Inevitable

Hayden, Tina and Laura get treemail announcing that this is the final Redemption Island truel. Tina has put her hair into two braids and it looks a lot better than her regular hairstyle. I have another tip for people going on this show; don't have bangs. Because they will grow out to an awkward length and just be a pain in the ass in general, unless they give you nail scissors or other means of trimming them. Anyway, Tina interviews that she needs to give this challenge her all, and if she walks out with even one ounce of energy left, she knows she screwed up. Laura interviews that she knows Ciera is waiting for the cavalry, so she has to get back in the game for her daughter. So they can both be immediately voted out again? I've yet to hear any of these people give a decent plan for that not happening other than "find the Idol." Which, if it were that easy, wouldn't they have done it already?

Everyone arrives at Redemption Island Arena or whatever they're calling it. Probst has one a much lighter blue shirt than usual. It's a fairly basic challenge: they will put one foot on one end of a balancing board and there is a vase on the other end. If the vase falls, you are out. And first place is the only place that matters.

They all start. Laura's legs look shaky right from the start and she's bobbling all over the place. Tina has her hands clasped under her bent knee for stability. Fifteen minutes elapse and Probst comments on how hot it is as Hayden wipes sweat from his eyes. Laura nearly falls and has to hop around to keep her vase on. I don't know how it's not falling. She manages to pull it back together, and I don't know how. Hayden continues to get blinky as sweat runs into his eyes; he twitches and his vase falls.

So now it's down to Laura and Tina and Laura has the audacity to ask Tina to let her win. WHAT? Why would Tina do that? I can't believe she asked that. I guess she's desperate because she's really struggling. Tina immediately says, "No way, sister. I love you? But this is a million dollar challenge, honey." Good for you, Tina. I mean, she beat her own daughter for this chance; she's not just going to hand it to Laura now. Laura continues to bob all over the place while Tina is rock solid. Thirty minutes elapses. Probst has to emphasize that these are "two moms, battling it out." If it were Gervase versus Brad would he say, "Two dads, battling it out"? He wouldn't. Tina has a bobble and her vase tips up onto its edge and then clunks back down. Laura bobbles some more and eventually her vase tips and falls. Tyson hugs Ciera in the stands, as does Monica. Tina whoops it up and then apologizes to Laura, who says it's fine.

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