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The Inevitable

Ciera interviews that Tina was probably her last choice to return to the game, but she doesn't have much choice but to work with her and try to get Monica to join them. Tyson goes to get water while Gervase chills in the hammock, so Tina and Ciera talk to Monica. Tina flat out asks her if she's sticking with the guys, and Monica says that she's willing to listen to what the women have to offer. So that's the second time that Monica has implied that she might leave her alliance.

Tina's weird tactic is to tell Monica that everyone on the jury is pissed at her and they think she's not loyal. First of all, now you've got Monica in panic mode and second of all, she's going to prove her loyalty by flipping on the alliance she's had since early days? A rare social game misstep by Tina. Ciera recovers nicely for them by suggesting that Monica could emphasize her challenge wins and then says that she changed things up to show the jury that she wasn't just Tyson's minion. Ciera interviews that you have to appeal to Monica's ego, be nice to her and make her feel like she's making the decision on her own. So dealing with Monica is like dealing with my preschoolers. Got it. Ciera tells Monica that if she doesn't make a move, she won't get any jury votes, but if she does she could win. Monica interviews that Tina and Ciera talked to her for an hour, and she doesn't know yet which direction she will take. So there's the third time Monica implied that she might make a move. And this was in an interview, so it's not like she was just pretending for strategic purposes.

Immunity Challenge. This is an interesting one because I don't see anyone having a particular advantage; it takes skill, but I don't know what particular skill it takes other than patience. Anyway, they each have a wobbly table with a rope they can use to steady it. While holding the rope, they have to walk back and grab blocks, one at a time, from various platforms, then walk back and place the block on the table. If their blocks fall at any time, they have to stop what they are doing and go back and reset, then continue. The first person who gets ten blocks to stand for three seconds wins immunity. The lead changes places many times as one person will get four blocks up and then dump them all, and then another person takes the lead and dumps them all. I wonder if they were required to pick up the blocks in a certain order; it seems like it might make sense to get the ones that are farthest away first, then work your way forward, but everyone does the opposite.

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