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The Inevitable

At about the halfway point, Tyson takes the lead and never looks back. He has developed this slow and steady style of walking and pulling his rope that looks hilarious but obviously works. He reminds me of The Gentlemen from the "Hush" episode of Buffy. But he goes on to win the challenge, so I guess he has the last laugh. He asks if he can kneel down as if being knighted when Jeff puts the necklace on him, and Jeff agrees. I mean, who wouldn't want that? Tyson interviews that he never thought he'd win immunity so late in the game, but he's not going to celebrate yet because the game is still on.

When they return to camp, Tyson resets for us: he has both the immunity necklace and the Idol. He would like to keep the Idol as a souvenir, and now he has to determine who his alliance will be voting out tonight: Tina or Ciera. So Tyson, Gervase and Monica head down the beach to discuss their vote. Gervase makes the case that it's more like that he can beat Tina, because Ciera made a big move in the game, plus she's a young mother who's never won before. Monica doesn't want to potentially go up against Tina because she didn't have to vote out any of the jury members, since she was on Redemption Island. She has no blood on her hands and Ciera does. Tyson says that he doesn't want to make the choice, and he wants them to decide. What he doesn't say to them -- but he does in an interview -- is that he's hoping to take some of the heat off himself since he's already being accused of running the game.

Monica and Gervase have a private discussion about what to do. Gervase makes the case that Ciera is a liar and manipulator so she needs to go. Neither of them is discussing the two major factors here: who has a better chance of winning the final immunity (hint: probably not Ciera, who has only one won challenge all season) and if that happens, who will the jury vote for. I mean, sit down on the beach and make marks in the sand thinking about who would vote for Tina over you and who would vote for Ciera over you and use that to make your decision. Gervase's argument makes no sense. Who cares if Ciera's a liar? Good! Use that against her with the jury. Monica sticks to her guns and Gervase thinks she's talking nonsense and starts getting a little loud (whisper loud) and physically intense, putting his hands on Monica's shoulders. It makes me really uncomfortable; I can only imagine how Monica feels.

Anyway, in an interview, Monica claims that she's been bullied this whole game. I don't think she knows what bullying is. To me, bullying is constant physical and emotional threats. Who has threatened her? She took some heat in the early Tribal Councils because she wouldn't stop talking strategy and it made people think she was a loose cannon, but that was hardly bullying. I think Monica has lived a life of privilege, to say the least. Anyway, she cries a little bit and says that Gervase had better be nice to her since they're in an alliance, because he needs her. So there's the fourth time that Monica has implied that she might flip on her alliance. Again, in an interview.

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