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The Inevitable

The next morning, Tina sits alone on a cliff and watches the sunrise. It's pretty great. You know, if you like that sort of thing. Beautiful things. She interviews that she's proud to be there on Day 38, but she also knows that the only way she has a chance to make the finals is if she wins immunity. Tina returns to camp and Monica asks her about the sunrise and they appear very chummy. Tyson watches them, nervous. Tyson and Gervase agree that today's challenge is do or die.

The final four head to the final immunity challenge. It's quite elaborate, as is befitting the final challenge. There's a giant wooden theme park built on the beach. Probst explains that the contestants will need to travel to various parts of the structure to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces, then carrying only two at a time, climb up a huge flight of stairs to drop off the bags. Then they get to slide down a gigantic water slide to go retrieve more bags. Once all six bags are retrieved, they can start solving the puzzle, which will be a clue to a combination to open a lock and raise a flag. The first one with the flag raised wins. This is somewhat reminiscent of the late-stage challenge that Cochran won.

Probst reminds them how crucial this challenge is and then tells them to get started and everyone takes off. There are basically six spokes, and each spoke requires a different mode of travel: one is jumping on a net, one is a balance beam type, one is climbing across a wooden grid and my very favorite requires sitting in a little wooden boat and using a rope to propel yourself over to a platform. They all grab bags and start running up the stairs. Gervase and Monica are together and Gervase is about to pass her, so he calls out "On your left." Instead of moving over, Monica gives him an elbow to the sternum. Twice. I kind of loved that.

My other favorite thing is how Tyson goes down the water slide. Instead of sitting at the top and pushing off, he just leaps up into the air so he lands mid-slide. It's a pretty amazing athletic feat. By the time everyone has four bags of pieces, Tina is way behind. Gervase, Monica and Tyson all end up starting the puzzle at about the same time; Probst can't help but keep talking about how Tina is doing awful at this challenge. I mean, he doesn't say that, but it's implied. Tina finally catches up and starts the puzzle way behind.

The puzzle is not that difficult. It's mostly long strips of wood with sentences on them, with the top half of the letters on one strip and the bottom halves on the other. So you just have to match them up. Tyson is first to finish the puzzle. He reads it and sees that he needs to know how many pieces in the puzzle, how many stairs in the stairway, and how many letters on the runway up to the flag. He counts puzzle pieces and then runs down to count the stairs. He returns and spins the dials to display the correct numbers, then pulls out the key and raises his flag. Tyson wins final immunity; he didn't win by a little bit, either. No one else had even finished his or her puzzle.

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