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Toss Her Out With the Rice
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Night 8. The Beauty tribe returns from voting out Brice. They all agree that it sucked and Alexis says it took a lot out of her. She might not be built for this game if a simple vote that was never really in doubt for her side took that much out of her. Morgan mopes, as she should, because she's clearly next on the block. She interviews that she's upset that Jeremiah jumped ship from her alliance, and now she just has to do what it takes to save herself.

I didn't think Morgan had any play here, and I thought even less that Morgan would be able to formulate a strategy, but I was wrong on both counts. In front of the whole tribe, Morgan asks Jeremiah why he changed his mind, when he approached her with the plan to vote out Alexis. Jeremiah mumbles something about being loyal to his original alliance, and being scared of Brice's social skills.

Jeremiah interviews that he was surprised Morgan called him out in front of everyone, but that's the game so he can't blame her, and he hopes he made the right call. That night, as they try to sleep, Morgan tells Alexis that she's sorry she voted for her, but she adds that Jeremiah wanted to get out LJ, but they decided they needed him for challenges, so they went for Alexis instead. Alexis interviews that she's skeptical of Morgan's claims, and yet they do have the ring of truth, so she's keeping an eye on Jeremiah now.

Day 9. The Brains tribe gets Treemail and figure out that the next challenge is going to be a food reward, and they'll be blindfolded. They immediately go out to a field and start practicing; it looks like they scattered sticks around and then Tasha yells out orders while the rest of them try to find the sticks. This does seem like one challenge where rehearsal will help. J'Tia interviews that she knows that she's the reason they're hungry, and that she's playing on borrowed time.

The tribes arrive for the Reward Challenge. I've missed Reward Challenges. Probst explains the rules. As usual, there is a caller on a platform. A pair of contestants, tied together and blindfolded, have to navigate the course and retrieve five items. As each item is retrieved, they have to put it on a platform and pull ropes evenly to haul the item up to the caller. Once the caller has all five items, the pair has to retrieve a flag and hoist that up to the caller to win. The winning tribe gets three egg-laying hens and a rooster. The second place tribe gets a dozen eggs. The third place tribe gets nothing.

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