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The Naked And The Figuratively Dead

Jerri takes a walk with Hatch and Shii Ann. "This is such a crazy game," she says to Hatch, by manner of introducing the "we need to talk" talk. Hatch interviews that as tribal council approaches, "everything starts going haywire -- it's great." He then explains that Jerri came to tell him she'd been approached about booting Hatch. He has not-so-brilliantly deduced that the only way that could have occurred was through the work of Ethan, Colby, and Lex. We see Jerri tell Hatch that if he's willing to go with Colby, she's in. Hatch: "Okay, that's it, then -- if you're not for anything else, then we'll just do that, then." So it sounds as if Hatch had another idea (perhaps sticking with Ethan) that Jerri resisted, so he went with her idea of dumping Colby. "So they blew it," Hatch interviews all-knowingly. "How dare you approach somebody to get rid of me?" he wonders to the camera. "You must go bye-bye now. So Colby has to go home." He certainly is the smuggest smugface that ever smugged.

Hatch now has a talk with Kathy, in which he argues that Ethan, Lex and Colby are going to take all the challenges later. "So what do you say...Colby?" he asks her. She looks amused and conflicted. She doesn't know. "Give me ten minutes," she says. She walks off, and then we see a rainstorm, and Kathy saying that Colby and Hatch are the two people potentially on the block, and that she finds herself in the middle. "Do you trust your gut? Do you trust loyalty? Or do you just go with sort of what makes sense? And where am I going? I don't know." The tribe makes its way through the rain toward tribal council.

When they get there, they are welcomed by Jeff, who points out that this is the first time the original Mogo Mogo has had to vote anybody out. He asks Hatch about the boat at the reward challenge. "That was Bad News Bears, for sure," says Jeff. He then asks Ethan how he felt about being picked first: "Was your first instinct, 'Hey, they like me?' or 'Wow, I'm in trouble'?" Ethan says it was a little bit of both. He babbles a little bit about his "new lease on life," trying hard to answer the question without actually saying anything. And how is Colby doing? He says that it's very different this time, "because everyone knows how to play this game, so you can't coast. Although a lot of people are doin' it." Shii Ann rolls her eyes. It's funny how people always recognize themselves in comments about them that they think are completely unfair. Jeff asks Kathy how much more difficult the game is with people who are so knowledgeable about it. She says somewhat regretfully that before, she was able to do some bonding and some making of friends, and in this situation, there is nothing going on but game playing.

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