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The Naked And The Figuratively Dead

Mogo Mogo picks first, and they do in fact choose Ethan. Come and meet your doom, soccer-boy. Chapera takes Rupert. Mogo Mogo picks Jerri over Jenna, so Jenna is left to twirl her buff and try to look inconspicuous until she gets sent to Chapera. "Doodle-ee-doo...just sitting here twirling my buff...not worried about being picked la la...." ["Heh. Jenna is the Omarosa of Survivor." -- Wing Chun] Interestingly, there's a Sue/Jenna hug once she finally gets to Chapera that looks pretty darn warm -- warm, that is, for any moment involving Sue. I don't know that I would've picked them out as friends, but I suppose you never know.

Following the commercial break, we swoop back to the happy land of Mogo Mogo, where the new team is having an extremely insincere welcome celebration for Jerri and Ethan. "I am so happy," Jerri says to Kathy. Colby interviews that the best part of the reward was having control over "dismantling Saboga." He says that they chose Ethan because if they took him, they'd control how long he stayed around. Jerri they chose because they didn't think Ethan would have "bonded" with her too much. It's kind of funny that Ethan perceived Jenna (probably correctly) as the person most willing to participate in taking him out, but Mogo Mogo read her as having more likely allegiance to him than Jerri. You gotta read those exes carefully, or you can get them totally wrong. Colby goes on to say that it's still "the original Mogo Mogo tribe, [with] Jerri and Ethan...on the outside looking in." Well, don't we just have supreme power over the universe? A lizard goes running across the beach, thinking about how he is also on the outside looking in. Because it's hard to live in close proximity to a species that's taller than you are. As the new Mogo Mogo returns to camp, Jerri happily proclaims the place "beautiful." She manages not to say, "Thanks, guys, this is way better than the collapsed sand pit." She and Ethan both admire their butt-kicking, balcony-having, above-ground shelter. Ethan interviews that "every day [he's] started over," and now he's having to start over again. Jerri tells the rest of Mogo Mogo how happy she is to be with them. She interviews that her "spirits are very high right now," and says that she doesn't miss Saboga in any way, shape, or form. And honestly, who would? She lost Jenna, Rupert, and repeated opportunities to die of exposure. Let me get her a hanky.

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