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The Naked And The Figuratively Dead

Over at Chapera, Jenna and Rupert are welcomed. As she returns to the Chapera camp, Jenna voices over that "over at Saboga, [she] had complete control, and [she] was telling everyone who to vote out." You know, I think reality television is kind of like The Ring, except it's "Before You Die, You Say 'I Am In Complete Control.'" She certainly seems to have fallen in with Amber right away, which is kinda funny, given their shared Ethan history. Jenna then complains in her interview that her first thirteen days are just wiped out now. Well, right. Except for the fact that two people have already been voted out of her tribe, and neither of them is her. know, not completely wiped out. Rupert and Jenna love the Chapera swing, and even take a shot at swinging on it. "Our camp was Hobo Junction; theirs is the Taj Mahal," Rupert says. The world's entire hobo population writes letters to Rupert that say simply, "Hey, tin can stoves work, asshole." "We're gonna kick the green team's ass," Alicia says as she goes for a belt of whiskey.

The sun sets and rises, and it's the next day. Day 14 at Mogo Mogo, and many hands are digging for the rice key. Jerri finally pulls the bottle, shakes it, and to her delight, the key rattles. "It felt so good to find it," she interviews happily. "I was so excited, everybody was like, 'Yay, Jerri!'" She puts her hands up in a sheepish pseudo-victory gesture and says, "I felt like, 'yay, now I'm a part of Mogo Mogo.'" And she does it in a "Look at me, I'm the biggest dork ever" kind of self-deprecating way I find very endearing. Hee. I'm sorry, I know intellectually how hideous she was in her own season, but she's really pretty cool at this point, and right there, she was totally adorable. She has a certain ability to recognize her moments of looking really stupid that would serve the rest of these people well if they actually shared it. The tribemates bust open the crate, and while the whiskey is doing fine, Mogo Mogo didn't do a good job of keeping the crate dry as instructed, and about half of their rice is rotten. Oh, boo. Colby miserably watches Jerri dump out the bad stuff, and he interviews that this made him miserable, because he's run out of rice before, and it's not a good situation. "Even though we have rice," he says by way of segue, "we do still need fish."

Speaking of fish, Hatch is talking to Ethan about when he's planning on going out fishing. Ethan takes the spear, shrugging that he's going to "try for a little bit" with the fishing. Hatch interviews that he thinks "Ethan's always playing the game." He says that Ethan is very careful not to step on the Hatch toes about the fishing, and tries to act very deferential. And as we see in this week's Ethan Fishing Footage, he does manage, with the assistance of the new spear, to catch an actual fish. I think that's the first time that Ethan's Fishing Footage has lost the extra "of Futility" suffix. "How'd you do?" says Hatch as Ethan returns. "Not much," Ethan says humbly with a nice fish hanging off the spear, "but every little bit helps." Ethan interviews that he recognized Hatch's unhappiness with the fact that anybody caught a fish other than himself. As they prepare to cook the fish, Lex congratulates Ethan on the fact that it's really a pretty nice fish. "He got a fish," Hatch overacts in an interview. "I was the only one who's supposed to get fish. I have to fix that. I'm going to have to bring back twelve now." And Hatch heads out fishing, just to make sure that his status as King Fish Guy is secure. When he brings two fish back to camp, the team is ecstatic yet again. Kathy is very happy about this, as she interviews: "If the guys want to feud on how many fish they bring in? Rock on!" Hee. I love her. I also agree with her -- always profit from other people's insecurities wherever possible.

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