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Scrambled Dudes
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Previously on Sumo Wrestling And Other Fair Fights For The Starved And Nearly Starved: the teams squared off in a wrestling challenge, and "Dreamz" knocked Rocky over like he was a ketchup bottle at a diner. The only Ravu member to win his match was Yau Man, so things just kept getting worse at Ouch Camp. Over at Couch Camp, Alex realized that his alliance was made up of idiots, for the most part, because Stacy and Lisi just couldn't stop being horrible to Cassandra and "Dreamz," in spite of the fact that Alex could prove to them, with finger-counting or one-potato-two-potato or whatever they preferred, that this was a bad idea. Ravu turned out to be just as weakened in memory challenges as in physical challenges, so they lost immunity again. The desire to get rid of all the women continued to be the primary driver, as Rita was sent home for the sin of talking too much. Rocky led the charge to throw her out for being too chatty, at which point the universe exploded in a single, beautiful burst of irony.

A lone, fly-covered coconut sits at Ouch Camp on Day 15. Michelle stirs and moves her buff down over her face. Earl marvels at the outbreak of flies they're currently experiencing. The flies marvel at the lack of food available at Ravu. Mookie swats a fly on the back of a semi-sleeping Rocky, who raises his head long enough to mutter menacingly about what he's going to do if Mookie hits him again. I would like to see him try at this point. Seriously. The state he's in, he couldn't bully a nine-year-old clarinet player. Yau Man tells us that he's pretty surprised still to be here on Day 15, and that he thinks he was lucky to squeak by after biffing the memory challenge last week. He tells us that he's not a strong guy, so if it's about "who's the most dispensable," he's going to be a candidate for booting. Hmm, "dispensable." One of those words that's rarely used without its negating prefix, but that turns out to be an actual word. Unlike "ept," which, tragically, is not a word, except to me and my best friend from college.

Giant dried-up jaws on the beach.

Anthony and Michelle go to retrieve treemail, which is actually basket-mail this season. They remove a note that reads, "Today no brawn required. Some brain-teasing at the least. When it's over, one gets exiled, while others get to feast." Nice to see that the same poet laureate is still on clue detail. Anthony says in an interview that they're very happy about the treemail, for the simple reason that it seems to involve eating. They love eating! Or they love what they remember of eating.

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