I've Got Strength Now To Carry The Flag

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Scrambled Dudes

Edgardo goes with Anthony to get firewood, explaining that Alex isn't sure what to do, because of Rocky. Anthony gently pushes the idea that "Rocky's really volatile." Edgardo tells him plainly that the vote is "50-50" Anthony or Rocky.

Back at camp, Rocky is whining about how Anthony is probably...whining. "We've been here seventeen days, bro. How about thank you and see you later, you know?" says Rocky, anticipating that people are going to jump in and agree with him, and clearly surprised when he hears nothing. He keeps going in his mock address to Anthony: "Did an all right job, and just go!" Rocky gives a snotty interview about how he's not going to miss Anthony, and it's one of those moments where the only satisfying thing about it is that while Rocky will probably survive this week, he's blissfully ignorant about the peril he's in, and has no ability to recognize that he's well past done for, even if he manages to win this skirmish. What Rocky lacks in class, he makes up for in failure to appreciate irony, you might say. Hilariously, Rocky interviews that Anthony has no "social skills." The funny thing is, Anthony has no social skills of the kind you need in Survivor. I suspect Anthony's social skills are okay elsewhere, with the exception of, indeed, general nerd-ness that many of us do not consider fatal. He needs to be around other nerds. Rocky goes on to say that when Anthony tries to do anything to help himself, "he has to go around like, no offense, like a girl, like a little female -- '[whimpering sound]' -- and try to work on your sympathy." Oh, boy.

Tribal council. Jeff asks Edgardo for his first impressions of Ravu. Edgardo says that he anticipated it would be bad -- you know, like regular Survivor. Jeff asks Mookie about getting back into the routine after the immunity challenge, and Mookie talks about how they all did their part either fishing or, in Anthony's case, taking care of the fire. Jeff asks Anthony whether it freaked him out to be isolated from the tribe, boiling water when they're all presumably talking about what to do at tribal council. Anthony says that he was, of course, concerned, but that he did the job they asked him to do.

Rocky decides that this is the time for him to start lecturing, so he turns halfway around and starts telling Anthony "put your cahds on the table" and "put your foot down," taking the delightful bully approach of being like, "It's your fault you let me push you around." Rocky basically says that nobody would have known Anthony didn't want to do the fire if Anthony didn't tell them. Which is stupid. Rocky starts telling Anthony that maybe he can use this wisdom "later in life." Anthony looks incredulous.

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