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Scrambled Dudes

Jeff says, "Pretty candid advice." And then he piles on, asking Anthony why he doesn't speak up. Essentially, it's "you are at fault for letting people bully you." Which...I understand thinking that Anthony could handle this better than he is, but I don't understand why Jeff is lecturing Anthony about being a wuss instead of lecturing Rocky for being a condescending bully. Anthony talks about how he tried to speak up early, and generally got pounded on, so he learned to keep quiet. Of course, this sets Rocky off once again, and he starts bleating at Anthony that he has to speak up, and so forth. "Why are you hitting yourself?" is kind of the message. Rocky tells Anthony that he is offering "a life lesson." Wow. Very valuable.

Anthony does step up, at this point, long enough to inform Rocky that the only person who treats him like shit is Rocky, so there's nobody else for Anthony to really stand up to. Rocky has no answer for this, so he goes into a spin about how Rocky doesn't respect himself and has to be comfortable with himself first. I don't get how that's an answer to the statement, basically, that Anthony is okay with his treatment from everyone but Rocky. If Anthony were saying everyone is mean to him, then maybe "respect yourself first" is an answer, but "everyone is perfectly fine except for you" would seem not well suited to that argument.

The genius part is where Rocky once again tells Anthony he has "poor social skills," at which point you can tell that Anthony is glad there's a camera on, because he knows he won't believe this later otherwise. He'd think he hallucinated it during an episode involving bad fish. When Rocky starts loudly lecturing Anthony some more, and Anthony says that Rocky doesn't know anything about him, Rocky complains that Anthony never told him anything. Anthony asks whether Rocky ever asked, and Rocky -- who is rapidly becoming almost enough of a buffoon to be funny, but not quite -- tells Anthony not to raise his voice.

And then, once again, Rocky makes a reference to people who talk "like men," and Anthony points out that this is Rocky's favorite argument. Rocky tells Anthony he's a "jellyfish," and tells him to "toughen up," and once again calls him "a little girl": "You're effeminant [sic]." Rocky keeps on saying "toughen up," because every time he says it, his dick grows one half-centimeter. When Anthony points out that Rocky's bullshit is why he doesn't bother trying to argue, Rocky goes back to lecturing him that he needs to stick up for himself and "take the skirt off a little bit." Anthony looks over at Jeff like "Tell me you're hearing all of this."

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