I've Got Strength Now To Carry The Flag

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Scrambled Dudes

Couch Camp. Still Day 16. A bat hangs around, happy to see some different people, and particularly happy that Lisi isn't there. As Earl and Yau Man work on fishing lines together, Boo explains that the switch-up was kind of hard on his plan. Just one of the many reasons it was such good news to me, of course. He says he was "counting [his] million" until the tribes got switched, which...frankly, I think was premature anyway. Things might still work out, blah blah. Earl suggests to the rest of his tribe that they have some fish and potatoes and rice with coffee for breakfast. You can tell he's excited about this, since a day or two ago, a "balanced meal" meant chewing one snail on each side of his mouth. Earl says that new Moto is made up of three ex-Moto and three ex-Ravu. And he's well aware that this unsettles Boo. Yay! Earl knows that the ex-Moto will be looking for a "swing vote." "But everything's going to have to go through me," he says simply. "Everything." He and Yau Man go fishing. As the two fish, Cassandra joins them with coffee. Cassandra beams as she interviews that everything is entirely different now. She was on the outs before; she's good now. She specifically says that she likes Earl and Yau Man. She's planning to "see how the cards fold [sic]."

Yau Man asks Cassandra whether Boo is feeling the anxiety. She says he must be, given all the allies he just lost. "You could be a swing vote," Earl tells her. "I know," she says happily. "You could change everything," he says. "Oh, I know," she says, even more happily. This has already occurred to her. She hasn't forgotten about Stacy, and the attitude that led to Stacy's little declaration that they're all adults. "Boo could be gone," Earl says. "I know," Cassandra grins. Earl points out in an interview that, with the right nudges, Cassandra could be with him. He says that he has Yau Man with him, and Michelle with him, and that they're both team players, so with one more vote, he's going to be the one in the driver's seat, and he's not afraid to say so. I, of course, am highly afraid, because this is always the part where someone I like gets cocky, and then bad things start to happen, and then Jenna Morasca wins, and then I want to crawl into bed for a month.

When we return from another set of commercials, we're at Ravu on Day 16. Anthony explains that he's in a tough spot, because he's taken Yau Man's place as the keeper of fire and water. He doesn't feel like he has a single person he can actually trust, which is...probably astute, unfortunately. It's true that Anthony is without a natural ally on this team, which...I think speaks well of his character, but not his chances of remaining in the game. For the moment, he's stuck back at camp while all the Big Men go out fishing. "Cookie's still here at the campfire," he says. Heh.

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