I've Got Strength Now To Carry The Flag

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Scrambled Dudes

Speaking of the big men, they're chasing crabs out of crevasses and stomping them. Alex says that the former Ravu men needed to be inspired, blah blah, true competitors, blah blah, not just about the food, blah blah. Alex asks Rocky how Anthony's doing, and Rocky gives his usual "He's fine, except for the part where he's such a girl" answer. I'm not sure why Rocky feels the need to respond to a "how's he holding up?" question with "he's a little effeminate," but there you go. He goes on to defensively say he's not saying there's anything wrong with being effeminate (sure!); it's just "hard for [Anthony] to carry his own weight." You know, like it is with women. I know I'm always embarrassed when I ask boys to carry stuff for me, which I frequently do.

Mookie and "Dreamz" share a little fishing, and "Dreamz" asks which three people Mookie would have taken to the merge, had it come to that. Elsewhere, Alex tells us that he knew that with a 3-3 split of former tribes, he needed to bring over somebody from ex-Ravu, presumably to get rid of the other two people from ex-Ravu. Now, it seems to me that the obvious logical move is to try to get Anthony, who is so obviously alienated from Rocky and Mookie that he would happily take the opportunity to "turn on" them, as if he ever had any allegiance to them in the first place. But of course, Alex is as allergic to effeminate girly-men as Rocky, I guess, because he dismisses Anthony as not a "strong player" (as if allies for the purposes of voting really need to be), so given Rocky's general insanity, Alex's target is Mookie. Alex joins in the discussion between Mookie and "Dreamz," asking Mookie this: "What do you think, you, Ed, 'Dreamz'?" Nice use of "via," Literature Guy. Mookie agrees. Mookie admits that he was previously with Rocky for lack of a better option, but he seems unconcerned about ending that little entanglement. They all agree that Anthony should go next. "He's just so weak," Mookie says. "He...he has no backbone."

And this is about where I realize that this is a part of a certain kind of Guy Culture -- not all guys, by any stretch, but a certain kind of guy -- that I just don't relate to. Mookie clearly subscribes to the theory that if you have a bully who's picking on another guy and the other guy doesn't stand up for himself enough, then you respect the bully more than -- or certainly at least as much as -- the guy who's not standing up for himself. It strikes me as utterly insane, but it's more than obviously the ethic that Mookie, and maybe the rest of these guys, are embracing -- Rocky more explicitly, and the rest of them more silently. "Rocky called him out and he almost cried," Mookie says with disgust. So with that, Anthony has been dismissed. Because he "almost cried." And God knows, we can't have that.

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