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Scrambled Dudes

Back from commercials, it's time for Ravu to burn a few minutes pretending that there's any question regarding whom they're going to get rid of. Weirdly Little House On The Prairie-seeming music plays as Anthony sits around talking about how they lost another challenge, and "Cookie" has once again been left to deal with the fire. He explains all of this in his best old-man-with-no-teeth voice, which is pretty funny. "So I'm a little bit in panic mode right now," he adds, as appealing as he's ever been. "Cinderella," he says to himself as he sharpens the machete. "Black male Cinderella." I could totally buy Rocky as wicked stepmother. Or I could, if he weren't so fundamentally shot through with maleness to the core of his being, such that he pulsates with testosterone. Anthony calmly explains to the camera that he's quite concerned about being voted off. As, obviously, he should be.

Out in the water, Rocky is telling Edgardo that he doesn't understand how Anthony lasted so long when, for instance, Jessica and Erica were so much better. Well...maybe did nothing to help Jessica, and you voted for Erica? I mean, if you want to know, ask "your boy" Mookie. Furthermore, Jessica lasted about two days, so you have no idea what kind of a player she would have been, and don't front. And finally, Rocky, stop calling Anthony "kid" and "boy," because you're twenty-eight and he's thirty-two. You don't want to give anybody the wrong idea.

Anthony has a chat with "Dreamz" in which he acknowledges that Rocky and Mookie will want to boot him. "Dreamz" says that he'll try to "keep it Rock," meaning that he'll try to get the boot placed on Rocky's ass. Don't I wish. "Dreamz" interviews that it's going to be either Anthony or Rocky. "Dreamz" would like to get rid of Rocky, on account of his being both nutty and lazy, meaning that he doesn't do anything other than cause crap. Anthony, on the other hand, does plenty around camp, but is weak in challenges. Do you want to win, or do you want to be able to drink water when you lose? These are the questions plaguing Ravu.

Anthony talks to Alex, who doesn't want to commit, but admits that his vote is going to be for either Anthony or Rocky. Anthony tells Alex that Rocky's emotional "heart" sometimes causes him to flip out. Alex acknowledges that this is true enough. Back at the fire, Mookie accidentally steps on a coal in his bare feet. Somehow, Rocky winds up mad at Mookie, who is a little mad in return over being bitched at while nursing his burned foot. Alex and Edgardo are standing around with Alex while this is happening, and they ask whether those two fight a lot. Anthony smiles, and basically says that as long as you keep Rocky happy, he's okay, but out. "Does he get cranky?" Alex asks. Anthony grins and looks down at his hands, and says, "Yeah." Edgardo interviews that "Rocky has a few screws loose." He's bossy, he know the drill. Edgardo also complains that "Anthony's his little bitch," because Rocky constantly yells at Anthony to do things. Edgardo basically says that he would never be Rocky's friend, ever, and doesn't like him, although he manages to say it in a sort of management-consultant kind of way. He adds that he wouldn't want Rocky there post-merge, because Rocky will only cause problems.

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